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BC (1TEAM) Profile and Facts

BC (1TEAM) Profile and Facts

BC (비씨) is a South Korean idol and was a member of former boy group 1TEAM.

Stage Name: BC (비씨)
Birth Name: Chin Sung Ho (진성호)
Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper
Birthday: July 18, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 174 cm (5’8”)
Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @blwu0718
Soundcloud: BC

BC Facts:
-He was born in Texas, USA
-He’s named after Bryan, Texas, USA
-He has two younger sisters
-He has two cats named Shy and From.
– His English name is Bryan Chin, therefore his nickname BC
-He used his official greeting “It’s ya boy BC” as his trademark since BOYS24
-Another one of his nicknames is Jinshasha (referring to his “shy shy shy” aegyo). He’s also called Shyshy
-His vibe is: “Lean back and Relax” That means he’s relaxed and calm
-His hobbies include feeding his cats, listening to music, writing songs, and driving
-His specialties are rapping, singing, composing, and writing lyrics
-When he was nine years old he played the flute and also learnt how to play the saxophone when he was a child
-He studied abroad in Texas, United States for middle school
-He had only listened to classical music but when he studied abroad he heard 50Cents “Candy Shop” and liked the 808 base and kick plus the snare drum in the song witch made him dream to do that type of music
-His favorite musicians are Post Malone and Blackbear
-His role models are Tablo, Simon Dominic, Wiz Khalifa, Jay-Z.
-His favorite song is “Honesty” by Pink Sweat$
-His favorite song from 1TEAM is “Ice in the cup”
-He wants to make music instantly the moment he wants
-The song he can sing most confidently is “Honesty”
-If he wasn’t a singer then he would be a veterinarian
-After five years he’ll be busy
-He really wants to write songs for 1TEAM and find out how he can divide the parts and find a certain beat for 1TEAM
-His ultimate goal as an artist is that fans will be really excited when they release an album and give them comfort and joy
-His favorite food is protein rich food
-BCs favorite drink is Ice Americano. (Arirang Radio)
-He has a special way of holding his pen
-His favorite film is Titanic
-He loves the color red
-He has at least nine tattoos
-BC has his drivers license (1TEAM Trip EP.1)
-To relieve stress he works out a lot especially at night
-He went to Joy Dance Academy in Gwangju
-He once was a backup dancer for the girl group Unicorn
-His first debut was in the boy group I-REX under the stage name Ra.E but they only released one song before disbanding and shortly after he left Tarzan Entertainment
-BC joined Liveworks in 2016
-In 2016 he appeared on the casting show BOYS24 entering as BC
-He was eliminated in BOYS24 (episode 8) and was brought back twice through fan voting.
-He was the Leader of the Unit Red and was in the TOP7 with 80.3 points
-In total he was ranked #7 on Boys24 with 42.77 points
-Many people said BC looked like an authoritarian leader but when he had to choose between a Unit member and a new member he cried
-After the final broadcast of the survival show, Unit Red was eliminated but some of the winners from different units left the show with 5/6 members being revived, including BC becoming a member of Unit Green and a collaborative member of Unit Yellow and later joined second generation Unit Red
-On March 10, 2017, CJ E&M announced that BC will be withdrawn from joining the promotional unit Unit Black because of a controversy about his past actions in Junior High. He still remained in BOYS24 but he voluntarily left his position as leader of Unit Red
-His fandom name during BOYS24 was Andante. He also had his own official lightstick
-By fan vote he joined the final lineup of the debut group but he never debuted with them because two days after the finals, on August 14 2017, it was announced that Sungho left the band because he had a different musical point of view than MMO Entertainment so he never became part of IN2IT
-He joined MIXNINE a few months later. With placing 15th he did not make it into the final lineup
– He later debuted with 1TEAM under the name BC together with Rubin, another former BOYS24 contestant
-All 1TEAM members are close with IN2IT members, BC is specifically close with Inho

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