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Riho (IN2IT) Profile and Facts

Riho Profile and Facts

Riho (리호) is a former member of South Korean boy group IN2IT.

Stage Name: Riho (리호)
Birth Name: Kim Jinsub (김진섭) but he changed it to Kim Riho (김리호)
Nationality: Korean
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: January 3, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 181.6 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @kimriho_

Riho Facts:
– His nickname is Icub.
– He was ranked #3 on Boys24 with a total of 62.48 points.
– He was in Unit White.
– His fandom name during Boys24 was Jase.
– He has a sister who is ten years older. If she wasn’t married yet the member he would introduce her to would be Inho because he is decisive.
– During an interview when IN2IT was asked for their ideal type everyone pointed at the viewers except Riho and Sunghyun. Riho pointed at Inho and got scolded for that by him. (MTV Idols of Asia Live Studio IN2IT Practice Room)
– He can drink two and a half bottles before he’s drunk (Variety Show: IN2IT Game Life Bar)
– Before leaving IN2IT, he acted in episode three of the web drama “Lemon Car Video”.
– Because of Meniere’s disease (an inner ear disorder) he left IN2IT. This was announced n March 26, 2018.
– He had a tattoo on his lower arm saying “never regret my choice” but he removed it.
– He changed his name to Riho in November 2019.
– During a Q&A, he stated that he likes sun more than moon and mountain more than island, beer more than soju.
– When asked to choose between banana milk and choco milk, he said he prefers plain milk because he doesn’t like sweets.
– He can’t choose between pizza and burger.
– His shoe size is 275.
– He doesn’t eat after 6 pm.
– His favorite hair colour is black. Brown is fine, too. When he was blonde, his scalp hurt.
– Hia favorite season is fall. He says it’s perfect end of November.
– Riho is currently not active in music industry but updates his instagram from time to time and supports fellow Boys24 contestants.

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