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August 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.)

July 20th
Seyoung [CROSS GENE] | ‘멍’ [Pre-Release]
•Irene & Seulgi Sub-Unit [Red Velvet] | ‘Naughty’ [Release]
•XRO | ‘칠렐레 팔렐레 (Drunken)’ [Debut]

July 21st
•YUKIKA | ‘서울여자 (SOUL LADY)’ [Comeback]
•D.COY | ‘Go Away’ [Comeback]

July 22nd
•Somi | ‘What You Waiting For’ [Comeback]
•SHATEAU(샤토) x SPAX(스팍) | ‘WE’ [Release]
•HYO [SNSD] | ‘DESSERT (Ft. Loopy & Soyeon (G)I-DLE))’ [Comeback]

July 23rd
•Heo Chanmi | ‘Lights’ [Debut]
•Lee Hi |’HOLO’ [Comeback]
•Kyuhyun [Super Junior] | ‘Dreaming’ [Solo Comeback]
•CHIC & IDLE | ‘3!4!’ [Debut]

July 24th
•MONT | ‘무기력 [Comeback]
•BeSweet | ‘그래 난 너를 사랑하고’ [Comeback]
•THE MAN BLK | ‘Time Turner’ [Comeback]
•N.Flying | ‘STARLIGHT’ [Special Release]

July 26th
•Song Jieun | ‘MIL (Make it love)’ [Comeback]
•BOYHOOD | ‘Retro Love’ [Solo Debut]
•YunB | ‘L.A.F.S (Ft. C Jamm)’ [Release]

July 27th
•Doojoon [HIGHLIGHT] | ‘DAYBREAK’ [Solo Debut]
•Kang Daniel | ‘Waves (Ft. Simon Dominic & JAMIE)’ [Pre-Release]
•ONEUS | ‘Come Back Home’ [Road to Kingdom Release]
•OH MY GIRL | ‘Lemonade’ [Japanese Release]

July 28th
•Soyou | ‘Gotta Go’ [Comeback]
•Ravi | ‘PARADISE (Ft. Ha Sungwoon (HOTSHOT)) [Release]
•June | ‘Anywhere’ [Comeback]
•Junik | ‘Chuck’ [Comeback]

July 29th
•ATEEZ | ‘INCEPTION’ [Comeback]
•APRIL | ‘Hello Summer’ [Comeback]
•WayV | ‘Bad Alive (English Ver.)’ [Release]
•선재 (snzae) | ‘Home Dance’ [Release]
•WOODZ | ‘파랗게 (Love Me Harder)’ [Comeback]

July 30th
•Eric Nam | ‘Paradise’ [Comeback]
•Jessi | ‘NUNU NANA’ [Comeback]

July 31st
•MONT | ‘붐뱅(BOOM BANG)’ [Comeback]
•KEEMBO | ‘ 99 (GU GU)’ [Comeback]
•S.I.S | ‘Don’t Wait’ [Comeback]
•BLASTAR | ‘길 (ONE WAY)’ [Debut]
•JUNE [PLT] | ‘Beautiful (Ft. Gaho, Moti, 정진우)’ [Release]

August 1st
•2Z |〚한번가봅시데이 (Let’s go for it)〛[Release]

August 2nd
•Hong Eunki |〚FLOWER〛[Comeback]

August 3rd
•Kang Daniel |〚깨워 (Who U Are)〛[Comeback]
•Jeonguk |〚Dream〛[Comeback]
•(G)i-dle |〚DUMDi DUMDi〛[Comeback]
•Saturday |〚D.B.D.B.DIB〛[Comeback]
•Geum Nara |〚Encore〛[Debut]

August 4th
•1TEAM |〚얼레리꼴레리 (ULLAELI KKOLLAELI)〛[Comeback]
•Rocket Punch |〚Juicy〛[Comeback]
•MiSO |〚BLESSED〛[Comeback]
•Taemin [SHINee] |〚2 KIDS〛[Pre-Release]
•Chancellor |〚Walking in the Rain〛[Comeback]
•MAKA MAKA |〚버닝파워 (Burning Power)〛[Debut]

August 5th
•Sandeul [B1A4] |〚생각집〛[Solo Comeback]
•1the9 |〚Count (세어봐)〛[Comeback]
•SURL |〚Don’t Say No (Ft. Jay Park)〛[Comeback]

August 6th
•ENOI |〚W.A.Y (Where Are You)〛[Comeback]
•Cherry Bullet |〚Aloha Oe〛[Comeback]
•Ahn Yeeun |〚능소화〛[Release]
•Yey |〚Roots〛[Comeback]
•Bibi |〚She Got It (쉬가릿) (cigarette and condom)〛[Release]

August 7th
•Kenta [JBJ95] |〚またいつでも帰っておいで  (Come Back again anytime)〛[Release]
•Ravi [VIXX] x Yeri [Red Velvet] x Wooseok [UP10TION] |〚Sorrow Thoughts〛[Project Collab Release]

August 8th
•YURI |〚Do it Do〛[Comeback]

August 9th
•VERIVERY |〚Connect〛[DIY MV Release]
•Kanto |〚I’m So Fine (Feat. 김호중)〛[Release]
•Kim Kookheon [B.O.Y] |〚Dry Flower〛[Solo Debut]

August 10th
•Seungwoo [VICTON] |〚Sacrifice〛[Solo Debut]
•Park Bogum |〚All my Love〛[Comeback]
•ONF |〚Sukhumvit Swimming〛[Comeback]
•Hyolyn |〚9LIVES〛[Pre-Release]

August 11th
•FLORIA |〚Chitty Chitty〛[Debut]

August 12th
•Park Jinyoung [JYP] |〚When We DISCO (Ft. Sunmi)〛[Comeback]

August 13th
•BoomTrigger |〚Shaking/The Party Must Go On〛[Debut]
•LUCY |〚조깅 (Jogging)〛[Comeback]
•Rothy |〚Ocean view (Ft. Chanyeol [EXO])〛[Comeback]
•THAMA |〚LAND〛[Release]
•nafla |〚115 (Ft. pH-1) (prod. PEEJAY)〛[Release]
•ON AiR |〚신경 쓰여서 (You&I)〛[Debut]
•BIPA |〚I DON’T CARE〛[Release]

August 14th
•Brave Girls |〚We Ride〛[Comeback]
•SuperM |〚100〛[Pre-Release]
•Wonho |〚LOSING YOU〛[Pre-Release]
•N.O.M |〚I’m So Sexy〛[Comeback]
•Heo Hyunjun |〚Baragi (바라기)〛[Debut]
•Rockit Girl |〚바다야〛[Release]
•Jessi |〚NUMB〛[Release]
•Ravi [VIXX] x Namjoo [A-Pink] x Seungsik [VICTON] |〚That Summer〛[Project Collab Release]

August 15th
•Sohyang |〚Stay〛[Release]
•JUNGMO |〚Magic〛[Release]

August 16th
•OH MY GIRL |〚SUPADUPA (천천히 해봐)〛[Special Collab Release]
•Cheetah |〚개 Sorry (So Sorry)〛[Comeback]

August 17th
•Dreamcatcher |〚BOCA〛[Comeback]
•ITZY |〚Not Shy〛[Comeback]
•DUSTIN-ON |〚0:YOUNG〛[Sub-Unit Debut]
•Woo Jiyoon (Odd Child)|〚:colon〛[Comeback]
•Kim Sejeong [Gugudan] |〚Whale〛[Comeback]

August 18th
•D1CE |〚One Summer〛[Release]
•Peakboy |〚DIET (Ft. Wheein [MAMAMOO])〛[Release]
•TXT |〚Drama〛[Japanese Release]
•Lubless |〚Mermaid〛[Comeback]

August 19th
•TXT |〚Everlasting Shine〛[Japanese Release]
•ONEUS |〚TO BE OR NOT TO BE〛[Comeback]
•Hyolyn |〚SAY MY NAME〛[Comeback]
•DONGKIZ |〚Beautiful (自我)〛[Comeback]
•H1GHR MUSIC |〚How We Rock〛[Release]
•(G)i-dle |〚Oh My God〛[Japanese Release]
•Sunmi |〚BORDERLINE〛[Release]

August 20th
•Choi Suhwan |〚별,밤(Starry Night)〛[Pre-Release]
•MCND |〚nanana〛[Comeback]
•Hoppipolla |〚let’s〛[Comeback]
•GREE |〚Humming (Ft. Ravi [VIXX])〛[Release]

August 21st
•BTS |〚Dynamite〛[English Release]
•Twice |〚More & More〛[English Release]
•Red Velvet |〚Milky Way〛[Rearranged Release]
•AREAL |〚Wake Me Up〛[Debut]
•James Lee |〚Liar〛[Release]

August 22nd
•Seven O’clock |〚HIGHWAY〛[Pre-Release]
•Sojung [Ladies’ Code] |〚ISLAND〛[Comeback]

August 23rd
•Kim Jaehwan |〚Can’t Goodbye〛[Comeback]
•Byulzzi |〚BBIBBOBBIBBO〛[Debut]

August 24th
•CRAVITY |〚Flame〛[Comeback]
•JENYER |〚To this which the world all are bad (세상 모든 나쁜 이들에게)〛[Comeback]
•Bitsaeon [MONT] |〚Moonlight〛[Solo Release]
•ATEEZ |〚THANXX〛[Release]
•KASPER |〚여름잠 (Over Summer) (Feat. 한요한)〛[Release]
•BTS |〚Dynamite〛[EDM & Acoustic Remix Release]
•Seventeen |〚24H〛[Japanese Comeback]
•The Rose |〚Black Rose〛[Release]

August 25th
•Kim Yohan [WEi] |〚No More (Prod. Zion.T)〛[Solo Debut]
•DEMIAN |〚YES〛[Comeback]

August 26th
•JO1 |〚OH-EH-OH〛[Comeback]
•Botopass |〚Flamingo〛[Debut]
•KARD |〚GUNSHOT〛[Comeback]
•Purple Rain |〚Miracle〛[Comeback]

August 27th
•OnlyOneOf |〚얼음과 불의 노래 (a sOng Of ice & fire)〛[Comeback]
•K/DA |〚The Baddest〛[Pre-Release]
•Huh Gak |〚듣고 싶던 말 (Without you)〛[Release]

August 28th
•Blackpink |〚Ice Cream (Ft. Selena Gomez)〛[Pre-Release]
•MONT |〚Shadow〛[Comeback]
•NTX |〚Black Hole〛[Pre-Release]
•ScreaM x EXO-SC |〚10억뷰 (1 Billion Views) (Ft. MOON)〛[Remix Release]
•Fanxy Red |〚Sanlitun Girls〛[Release]
•BTS |〚Dynamite〛[Tropical & Poolside Remix Release]

August 29th
•Seven O’clock |〚Hey There〛[Comeback]

August 31st
•DAY6 (Even of Day) |〚파도가_끝나는_곳까지〛[Unit Debut]
•Lee Eunsang |〚Beautiful Scar (Ft. Park Woojin [AB6IX])〛[Solo Debut]
•Sori |〚Initial S〛[Comeback]

Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the August Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any August comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂