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‘Alice In Wonderland’ (PINK FANTASY) Album Info

‘Alice In Wonderland’ Album Info
PINK FANTASY - 1st EP LIMITED [Alice In Wonderland] – Nolae
Alice In Wonderland
is the first EP album by Pink Fantasy. This album comes in two physical versions, Wonderland and Poison. It was released on June 21, 2021 with the title track, Poison. 

Pink Fantasy
Release Date: June 21, 2021
Type: EP
Recorded: 2021
Genre: Dance
Length: 16:42
Label: MyDoll Entertainment
Distributor: Kakao Entertainment
Writers: Kim Jungmo, Shindong, Bbanana Fondue, WithRu
Producers: WithRu, Bbanana Fondue, Jae Do Gi

1. ‘Iriwa (2021. ver)’ – 3:45
2. ‘Fantasy (2021. ver)’ – 3:24
3. ‘Poison’ – 3:29
4. ‘Alice In Darkland’ – 2:35
5. ‘Poison (Inst.)’ – 3:29

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‘Poison’ MV Reaction
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‘Poison’ MV Making Part. 2

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