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‘HIDEOUT : REMEMBER WHO WE ARE’ (CRAVITY) Album infoalbum cover for cravity’s debut album
HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE is the 1st mini album / debut album by CRAVITY. It consists of 7 tracks, with the title track ‘Break all the rules’.

Artist: Cravity
Release Date: April 14, 2020
Recorded: 2019-2020
Genre: Kpop
Length: 24:03
Label: Starship Entertainment
Writer(s): JQ, Kim Eung-ju, Park Ji-won (makeumine works), Seo Jieum, Wootan, Jooheon, 9F and many others
Producer(s): Chris Wahle, Gionata Caracciolo, Willie Weeks, Jungleboi,
team GALACTIKA and many others.

1. Top of the Chain – 3:21
2. Break all the Rules – 3:28
3. JUMPER – 3:30
4. Blackout – 3:20
5. 낯섦 (Stay) – 3:12
6. Cloud9 – 3:21
7. 별 (Star) – 3:31

Video links:
‘Break All the Rules’ MV
‘Break All the Rule’ MV reaction
‘Cloud 9’  MV 
‘JUMPER’ Live Performance

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