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A.Boo (ALPHA) Profile and Facts

A.Boo (ALPHA) Profile and Facts

A.Boo (Абу) is a member of Kazakhstani boy group ALPHA.

Stage Name: A.Boo (Абу)
Real Name: Abulhaiyr Madesh (Абулхайыр Мадеш)
Birthday: February 25, 2001
Zodiac Sign:
178 cm (5’10”)

A.Boo Facts:
– A.boo was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
– He took part in survival show Project X.
– Formerly he was trainee in JUZ Entertainment.
– He was part of co-ed group JAM when he was 15.
– He likes BLACKPINK.
– He can speak Russian.
– His favorite color is black and his least favorite color is yellow.
– If he could have dinner with any three people, he would choose Olivia Rodrigo, Michael Jackson, and Timothée Chalamet.
– He is a fan of Olivia Rodrigo, he owns her “Sour” album and one of ALPHA’s photoshoots was inspired by that album cover.
– His favorite actor is Tom Holland.
– He binge-watched 13 Reasons Why and said it’s kinda hardcore but he likes it.
– His favorite app is Youtube because he likes watching music videos.
– His hidden talent is spinning a toothbrush in his fingers.
– His favorite lyric from any song of the world is his part of ALPHA’s song Lights: “The noise that echoes in my room screams and searches for meaning in my heart”.
– In planes he prefers windows seats over aisle seats because he likes to look at the ground from above.
– He trained boxing.
– The bravest thing he has ever done is when he was 5 he fought 6 or 7 kids surrounding him who were older than him. His mom told him she saw him outside, standing like a boxer.
– In three words he would describe himself as first charismatic, manly, and then charming.
– In contrast to calling N.B by his stage name, Qozzy calls A.boo by his full name Abulkhair. N.B calls him Abuka.
– He has a characteristic high laugh.
– He has an iPhone, one with 2 cameras.
– He often signs his Instagram captions with “(My/Your) Boo A.Boo” and lots of sweet emojis.
– He prefers tea over coffee.
– He likes dark chocolate more than white chocolate.
– If he could only eat one food for the rest of his live it would be Quyrdaq, a traditional Central Asian meat dish.
– One thing he’s learning is articulation.
– The best compliment he heard is that he has beautiful eyes.
– The first thing he pays attention to when meeting a new person is their eyes.
– His favorite holiday is Nauryz, the Kazakh New Year in spring.

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