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Dark (ALPHA) Profile and Facts

Dark (ALPHA) Profile and Facts
Dark (Дарк) is a member of Kazakhstani boy group ALPHA.

Stage Name: Dark (Дарк)
Real Name: Daryn Amangeldi (Дарын Амангелді)
Birthday: September 29, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 177 cm (5’9.5″)
Weight: 49 kg
Nationality: Kazakh

Dark Facts:
– He was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
– He took part in survival show Project X.
– Like A.boo he was trainee in JUZ Entertainment.
– He frequently has depressive states.
He grew up living with his grandparents.
– He is fluent in Japanese and knows the culture well. Also, he can speak Russian.
– In his first instagram post he said he came back from Tokio.
– His favorite colors are black, red, and yellow. He doesn’t like purple.
– His best tip for getting a good rest is to meet with someone who is not associated with your work.
– His favorite body part are his hands because they are changing with the weather. They’re very bad when it’s cold.
– If his life was a song, the title would be “2002” like his birth year.
– If he could master an instrument it would be the qylqobyz, an ancient Turkic bowed string instrument, because he wants to learn unique strange instruments but he thinks learning that instrument is very hard.
– His favorite movie is “Mr. Nobody”. He loves it even though he still doesn’t understand the ending.
– He likes neither dogs nor cats. In facts, he doesn’t really like animals at all but his spirit animal is the cat. Even though he doesn’t like them he finds some similarities with them for example he sleeps anywhere and cats look like they hate you and people sometimes tell him he looks like that too.
– The best gift he received is a little cactus that he got from his friend last birthday. After one month he lost it when he moved to a new house but when he arrived he found the pot again, just without the cactus.
– He prefers coffee over tea.
– He likes white chocolate more than dark chocolate.
– One thing he’s learning is psychology.
– The best compliment he got was for writing beautiful lyrics.
– His favorite smell is the smell of home.
– His favorite artist is XXXTentacion.
– His favorite actress is Zoey Deutch.
–  If he could switch lives with someone for a day it would be Zoey Deutch.
– The first things he pays attention to when meeting a new person are their clothes and height.
– His favorite holiday is child’s day.
– He doesn’t like the trend where people go around like they’re in a game.

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