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N.B (ALPHA) Profile and Facts

N.B (ALPHA) Profile and Facts

N.B (Энбі)
is a member of Kazakhstani boy group ALPHA.

Stage Name: N.B (Энбі)
Real Name: Nurlybek Qamit (Нұрлыбек Хамит)
Birthday: December 16, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 177 cm (5’9.5″)
Nationality: Kazakh

N.B Facts:
– He is from Jezkazgan, Kazakhstan.
– He took part in survival show Project X.
– He was trainee in JUZ Entertainment.
– He can play the piano and dombra, a Kazakh national instrument with two strings.
– He likes to sleep.
– He is a beginner photographer.
– Because of his appearance he is called “penguin”.
–  N.B can speak Russian.
– He actually doesn’t have a favorite color but according to their video “Alphogue” he likes blue and for a tiktok made by the whole group he chose purple as his favorite color. There’s also no color that he doesn’t like.
– He would rate his current life 9 out of 10. Not 10 because he’s not getting enough sleep because of work.
– When describing himself with 1 hashtag, he would choose #oibai and said his fans know what that means.
– As a partner for a romantic scene he woud choose Angelina Jolie.
– If his life was a musical, he would like to name it “Life itself is a novel”
– A thing that most people don’t know about him is that he sleeps with his eyes open.
– He has no specific morning ritual, he just wakes up and goes to the bathroom like everyone. His bedtime ritual is just like that, going to the bathroom and then going to sleep.
– His most favorite time of the day is morning because lately he has been sleeping late and missed waking up early in the morning.
– Qozzy said he’s scared to be in the backseat when N.B. is driving because he doesn’t think N.B. would be a good driver but during driving lesson N.B. actually did well.
– He was excited for the driving lesson and stated that he likes driving. After the lesson he said it would be cool to buy a car.
– After cutting his hair he missed having longer hair.
– His favorite filter for instagram stories is “HANDSOME Guwapo”.
– He often uses latin alphabet for his instagram pictures while the other members write kyrillic.
– He prefers coffee over tea.
– He likes white chocolate more than dark chocolate. He also likes milk chocolate.
– For N.B. the elevator is better than the stairs but it’s not about being lazy it’s about the aesthetics and the mirrors.
– One thing he’s learning is working with himself.
– If he made a documentary it would be about ALPHA.
– His favorite actors are Timothée Chalamet and Tom Holland.
– His favorite artist is ALPHA.
– The song he could listen to on repeat is their debut song “Seni oilai”.
– He doesn’t know what’s the first thing he pays attention to when meeting a new person.
– His favorite holiday is his moms birthday.
– He doesn’t like the trend where people do sounds with their mouth.
– One thing he wants but is scared to do is to perform on a world level stage.
– When he was a kid, he got stung by a bee but he is not scared of insects.
– His top 3 movies are The Green Book, The Invisible Guest, The Matrix.

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