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Qozzy (ALPHA) Profile and Facts

Qozzy (ALPHA) Profile and Facts

Qozzy (Коззи)
is a member of Kazakhstani boy group ALPHA.

Stage Name: Qozzy (Коззи)
Real Name: Tleujan Ualiev (Тлеужан Уалиев)
Birthday: April 8, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Nationality: Kazakh

Qozzy Facts:
– His hometown is Almaty, Kazakhstan.
– He took part in survival show Project X.
– He was trainee in JUZ Entertainment.
– It’s easy for him to make relationships.
– His stage name is derived from his hairstyle.
– He trained football.
– He has a very American way of being according to his fellow members.
– He can speak Russian and is learning English.
– His favorite clothes are white t-shirts because you can wear it with anything. It’s even greater when oversized.
– When asked what he would like to be remembered for, he said his white shirt as a joke. His actual answer to this question is his art and to be a great person.
– He made the “white T-shirt” joke again when asked for his favorite colour which is red actually. He doesn’t have a least favorite colour.
– If he could have superpowers he would like to be invisible and lay somewhere by himself so he doesn’t bother anyone and no one bothers him too.
– What’s inspiring him in his life are the fellow members and people beside him and also the support of their fans.
– The best advice he has heard is: “Believe in yourself and there is no one better for you than yourself”.
– According to his opinion, a book everyone should read is “Quantum warrior”.
– He defines beauty as the clearness of the heart and stated that i f you’re beautiful on the inside you would be beautiful on the outside as well.
– He doesn’t play board games with the other members, only mobile games like Mobile Legends and PUBG.
– He prefers tea over coffee.
– He likes dark chocolate more than white chocolate.
– Qozzy stated that they live in 3rd floor but still use the elevator instead of the stairs.
– If he could only eat one food for the rest of his live it would be Beshbarmak, one of the national dishes of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyztan made of meat, egg noodles and onion sauce.
– His least favorite dessert is McDonald’s fried apple pie.
– His favorite smell are noodles.
– The first thing he pays attention to when meeting a new person is the cleanliness of their shoes.
– His favorite holiday is April 1st.
– One thing he wants but is scared to do is jumping with a parachute.
– He has an iPhone, one with 3 cameras.
– His father taught him how to drive a car since he was little.

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