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Zoomgals Members Profile

Zoomgals Members Profile

Zoomgals is a 6 member Japanese hip-hop crew named after the popular video company, Zoom. They released a pre-debut song on May 20, 2020, but debuted on December 2, 2020, with the track, “GALS”.

Zoomgals Fandom Name:
Zoomgals Official Fan Color:

Zoomgals Official Accounts:
Twitter: @zoomgals
Instagram: @zoomgals_
Youtube: Zoomgals

Zoomgals Members Profile:

Stage Name: Valknee
Birth Name:
Position: Rapper
Birthday: March 20, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Twitter: @valknee
Soundcloud: valknee
Instagram:  @valknee
Tumblr: valknee
YouTube: valknee

Valknee Facts:
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
– She is the founder of the group.
– She started to listen to hip-hop music when she was in college.
– She started to rap in college.
– She is can speak Korean.
– She lived in Seoul, South Korea from 2000 – 2005.
– She can play the bass, synths, and DJ.
– She has a podcast called, Radio Shop Pretend (ラジオ屋さんごっ‪こ‬)
– She is a fan of lyrical school and has collaborated with them in the past.
– She’s a fan of Hello! Project and Morning Musume.
– She was previously an office worker.
– She was at one point in a band.

Haruko Tajima

Stage Name: Haruko Tajima (田島ハルコ)
Birth Name:
Position: Rapper
Zodiac Sign:
Twitter: @dokusya_model
Instagram: @dokusya_model
田島ハルコ(Haruko Tajima)

Haruko Tajima Facts:
– Created the title, “new wave gyaru”.
– She is a video director.


Stage Name: Namichie (なみちえ)
Birth Name: Namichie Tamura (田村なみちえ)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: July 18, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 156 cm (5’1″)
Twitter: @namichietamura
Instagram: @namichietamura
Soundcloud: なみちえ
YouTube: Tamura King

Namichie Facts:
Birthplace: Chigasaki, Japan
– She is Ghanaian-Japanese
– Is in a group with her siblings called, Tamura King.
– She has an older brother and younger sister.
– She is a costume designer.
– Her grandmother is a taxi driver.
– Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.
– She has written about her experiences with discrimination for being half-black in Japan.


Stage Name: ASOBOiSM
Birth Name:
Position: Rapper
Birthday: 1994
Twitter: @asoboism
Instagram: @asobo_ism

– She was raised in Yokohama, Japan.
– She can play the guitar.
– Was in a project called GAKU that taught high schoolers how to write songs.
– She used to work at a bank.
– She studied abroad in the United States during high school.
– Former name was Tanama.


Stage Name: Marukido
Birth Name:
Position: Rapper
Birthday: February 27, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 163 cm (5’4″)
Twitter: @marukidosudo
YouTube: Marukido official

Marukido Facts:
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
– Her name is inspired by Marquis de Sade.
– She talks about taboo topics in her songs.
– She launched her VR business when she was 19.
– She can play the piano.
– Her favorite film is Oldboy.
– She was a semi-finalist for the 2017 Miss iD pageant.


Stage Name: AKKOGORILLA (あっこゴリラ)
Birth Name: Ikeda Akiko (池田暁子)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: June 30, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Twitter: @akko_happy_b
Instagram: @akkogorilla

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
– She knows how to play the drums.
– She won the CINDERELLA MCBATTLE title in 2017.
– She likes gorillas and found it interesting that gorillas can communicate through rhythm.
– She talks about sexism in her songs.
– She was apart of the #NoBagForMe project.
– She used to hold lectures at the Rikkyo University for “Gender Theory in Contemporary Cultural Activities”.
– She started the GOOD VIBRATIONS empowerment party in 2019. The goal is for artists of all walks of life to meet up on a regular basis to break down society’s barriers.
– She would dress up as gorillas for Halloween.
– She is the former drummer of the 2-pc band, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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