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Yuto (TOZ) Profile and Facts

Yuto (TOZ) Profile and Facts
TOZ Yuto Flare Concept Photo Version 1
Yuto (ユウト/유토) is a member of the boy group TOZ under YY Entertainment. He was a contestant on Boys Planet.

Fandom Name: N/A
Official Color: N/A

Official SNS:
Instagram: @takano_yuto_

Stage Name: Yuto (ユウト/유토)
Birth Name: Takano Yūto (高野 佑都)
Birth Date: December 14, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 170 cm (5’7”)
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Japanese
Representative emoji: 🐶

Yuto Facts:
– He is from Osaka, Japan.
– He got introduced as a member of TOZ the August 13, 2023.
– He can speak Japanese, Korean and English.
– Role model: BTS.
– His favorite song is ‘Spring Day’ by BTS.
– He likes Pochacco and owns lots of Pochacco’s merch. (TOZ What’s In My Bag)
– He thinks his attractive point is his reverse charm and he’s confident on his ears.
– If he had to create a TOZ sub-unit, he’d like it to be with Anthonny and would choose a cute concept.
– His favorite word in English is refrigerator because it sounds weird.
– He likes assigning colours to everything: days of the week, people, objects…
– For Yuto, TOPAZ are sky blue, Hart is green, Takuto is pink and Anthonny is orange and yellow.
– He used to be the captain of a tennis club.
– Anthonny says that if he brought TOZ members to a haunted house, he believes Yuto would be the first one to cry.

Boys Planet information:
– He got introduced as a contestant on December 29, 2022.
– He’s an individual trainee.
– His hobbies are dancing, eating and watching musical animated movies.
– His specialty is eating food quickly.
– He ranked 90 and got eliminated in the first round (Ep. 5).

Boys Planet Videos:
Time Attack 1 minute PR
‘난 빛나 (Here I Am)’ Performance Cam
Alcohol-Free Cocktail Bar
Planet Eye Fighter | Park Hyunbeen VS Yuto
Here I AM, with a pedometer | Park Hyunbeen VS Yuto
Mystery Hidden Box | Yuto VS Wen Yechen
Danger – BTS | YUTO (Fan Cam) @K vs G Group Battle

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Note #2: You can watch TOZ’s What’s In My Bag here: part 1, part 2.

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