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Xing Zhaolin Profile and Facts

Xing Zhaolin Profile and Facts: Xing Zhaolin Ideal Type:

Xing Zhaolin
(邢昭林) is a Chinese actor, singer, and model. He is best known for his roles as Yue Qi in ‘Princess Agents’ (2017) and Mo Liancheng in ‘The Eternal Love’ (2017). He debuted in 2015 with the movie ‘Back To 20’.

Birth Name: Xing Zhao Lin (邢昭林)
Birthday: July 22nd, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 187 cm (6’1″)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Chinese
Instagram: @xzlxzlxzl
Weibo: 邢昭林

Xing Zhaolin Facts:
– He was born in Jinshui District, Henan, China
– He is a former SM Entertainment trainee.
– He was supposed to join EXO as their new member after Kris Wu departed from the group but he left SM before becoming an official member.
– He starred in the drama version of EXO‘s “Wolf” MV.
– He left SM Entertainment in 2015 to only have a career in China.
– He sang three OST songs ‘The Whole World’s Secrets’ with Eleanor Lee for the drama Blowing In The Wind, ‘First Love’ for the drama Lucky’s First Love, and ‘Seriously’ with Jie Liang for the drama You Are My Destiny.

Xing Zhaolin Dramas:
Sword Chaos (刀剑缭乱) | iQiyi / as Mai Wangqiang (2016)
Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传) | Hunan TV / as Yue Qi (2017)
The Eternal Love (双世宠妃) | Tencent Video / as Mo Liancheng [8th prince] (2017)
I Cannot Hug You (无法拥抱的你) | Sohu TV / Jiang Zhihao (2017)
I Cannot Hug You: Season 2 (无法拥抱的你II) | Sohu TV / as Jiang Zhihao (2018)
The Eternal Love 2 (双世宠妃II) | Tencent Video / as Mo Liancheng [8th prince] (2018)
Blowing in the Wind (强风吹拂) | Youku / Xia Di (2019)
Lucky’s First Love (世界欠我一个初恋) | iQiyi/ as Xia Ke (2019)
Standing in the Time (不负时光) | Tencent Video, iQiyi / as Zhou Zimo / Lei Yang (2019)
You are My Destiny (你是我的命中注定) | Tencent Video / as Wang Xiyi (2020)
Marry Me (三嫁惹君心) | iQiyi / Long Yao (2020)
The Eternal Love 3 (双世宠妃 III) | Tencent Video / as Mo Liancheng [8th prince] (2021)
The Unknown: Legend of Exorcist Zhong Kui (问天录之少年钟馗 ) | TBA / as Zhong Yunfei (TBA)
Cute Programmer (程序员那么可爱) | Tencent Video /as Jiang Yicheng (TBA)
Choice Husband (择君记 ) | Tencent Video / as Pei Yanzhen (TBA)
Accidently Meow On You (一不小心喵上你) | Tencent Video / as Ji Chen (TBA)

Xing Zhaolin Awards:
2017 11th Tencent Video Star Awards | Most Promising Actor (The Eternal Love)
2019 6th The Actors of China Award Ceremony | Best Actor (Web series) (The Eternal Love)
2019 Golden Bud – The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival | Rising Actor of the Year (Blowing in the Wind, Standing in the Time, Lucky’s First Love)

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