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Zhao Yue (BonBon Girls 303/7SENSES) Profile and Facts

Zhao Yue Profile and Facts

Zhao Yue or Akira is a Chinese solo singer under Shanghai Star 48 Culture Media. She is a former member of the Chinese girl group BonBon Girls 303 under Wajijiwa Entertainment. She is also a second generation member of SNH48 Team NII, and of the sub-unit 7SENSES, under Shanghai Star 48 Culture Media. She debuted on November 2, 2013 in SNH48 and on July 4, 2020 with BonBon Girls 303. She debuted solo in August 2, 2022 with the single “Phoenix”.

Fandom Name: Red String/Red Rope (红绳/hóng shéng)
Fandom Color: Red Thread of Fate

Zhao Yue Official Social Media Accounts:
Instagram: akira_429
Weibo: 硬糖少女303-赵粤

 Stage Name/Birth Name: Zhao Yue (赵粤)
International Stage Name/English Name: Akira
Birthday: April 29, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig
Height: 166 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 48 kg (107 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

Zhao Yue Facts:
– Her birthplace is Wuhan, Hubei province, China.
– She graduated from Beijing Baihui Art School Wuhan Art School.
– She speaks Mandarin, English and Korean.
– She took 6th place in the 5th Senbatsu Election.
– She made her official SNH48 debut on November 2, 2013 with the song “The Goddess of Theater” (劇場女神)
– She was upgraded to Team NII on November 11, 2013.
– She enjoys playing with Rubik’s cube.
– She likes Taeyeon from SNSD.
– At the start of Chuang 2020, she used to be very unconfident in herself and her vocals, but after the River performance she became more confident.
– During Chuang 2020, she was afraid to ask for extra food.
– She is scared of elevators.
– Her hobbies are cosplaying, singing, modern ballet, and dance.
– Her talents are dancing and gymnastics.
– She loves watching Naruto.
– Her nicknames are Yue Bao, President, Zhao Ao, Zhao Guangdong, Very red, Corn, Guangdong Zai.

Produce Camp 2020 Information:
– Her rank on the episode 2 was 12th.
– Her rank on the episode 3 was 10th.
– She performed “Magical” (Team LTG) for the first round.
– Her rank on the episode 4 was 10th.
– She performed “River”(Team We Don’t Dare) for the second round.
– Her rank on the episode 5 was 6th.
– She performed “Right Place” with R1SE’s Ren Hao under Team LTG.
– Her rank on the episode 6 was 4th.
– Her rank on the episode 7 was 4th.
– Her rank on the episode 8 was 1st.
– Her rank on the episode 9 was 1st.
– She performed “Phoenix” for the Final Stage.
– She was ranked 2nd on the episode 10 and succeeded into the final lineup.

Variety Shows:
Super Nova Games (Tencent Video, 2018) – Regular member
Super Nova Games: Season 3 (Tencent Video, 2020) – Regular member
Youth Periplous 2 (ZJTV, 2020) – Guest
We are Blazing (Tencent Video, 2020) – Guest
The Coming One: Super Band (Tencent Video, 2020) – Guest
Crossover Singer Season 5 (2020) – Guest

Zhao Yue Drama Series:
Super! Soccer 球爱酒吧 (2014) – Sweet Girls
Stairway to Stardom  – Mandy, support role
Judo High  – Lin Jian, main role

Zhao Yue Movies:
Balala the Fairies: Princess Camellia (2015) – Princess Camellia, main role
Hey! Little Bones (2020) – Jia Lian, support role

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