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Xiaoting (Kep1er) Profile

Shen Xiaoting (Kep1er) Profile & Facts

Xiaoting is a member of the K-Pop girl group Kep1er (also stylised as Kepler). The group was formed through an Mnet survival show called Girls Planet 999.

Fandom Name: Haessaldan (햇살단), Tíngfěn (婷粉), Grace
Fandom Color: Starry Purple (CC99FF)

Shen Xiaoting Official Accounts:
Douyin: 沈小婷
Weibo: -沈小婷-

Birth Name: Shen Xiaoting (션샤오팅/沈小婷/シェン·シャオティン)
Birthday: November 12, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Nationality: Chinese
Birthplace: Sichuan, China
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Blood Type: AB

Shen Xiaoting Facts:
– She graduated from Sichuan Conservatory of Music University, Department of Performance.
– Her nicknames are Ting and Sojung.
– Her Korean name is Shim Sojeong. (Source)
– Her hobbies are watching movies and dramas, photography, playing games, cooking, reading, visiting restaurants, and shopping.
– Her speciality is dancing.
– Xiaoting likes to sleep in and watch TV while lying on the sofa.
– She thinks her charming point is her personality.
– Xiaoting says when she works or studies she is very strict with herself and seeks perfection.
– She thinks she looks like a Shetland Sheepdog as they are loyal, smart, reliable, hardworking, are able to help others, and she can participate in beauty pageants.
– She loves all colors.
– Her favorite animal is a puppy.
– Some of her favorite things are mint chocolate, her necklace, winter, all types of weather, pouring sauce, texting on phone, the sea and seasonsed chicken.
– Her stress reliever is by self organizing her thoughts.
– Three of her favorite types of food are ramen, her mom’s stir-fried beef and foods that are chewy and soft.
– Three foods she hate are meat fat, salad, and perilla leaf.
– She is signed under TOP CLASS Entertainment.
– At age 14, in the 2013 CBDF China Cup Tour Finals, she won fourth place in group modern dance.
– Xiaoting has three fandom names, one for Chinese fans (Tíngfěn), one for Korean fans (Haessaldan), and one for international fans (Grace).
– She was previously on the survival show Produce Camp 2020 but was unfortunately eliminated at 80th place in episode 4.
– Her motto on Girls Planet 999 is “Self-stunning Sunshine ★ SHEN XIAO TING”.
– After her performance of “Rumor” on Girls Planet 999, she was praised the most out of her group.
– She was in a cell with Seo Youngeun (K) and Kawaguchi Yurina (J).
– She placed 9th in the overall line-up in Girls Planet 999.

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