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Who wore it better? Seventeen’s Jeonghan vs History’s Jaeho vs Up10tion’s Wooshin

For today’s edition of  “Who wore it better” we have  three handsome guys: Seventeen’s Jeonghan vs History’s Jaeho vs Up10tion’s Wooshin.

They all wear a low neck, white knitted sweater, with dark blue, orange and pink pattern. Let’s see who wore it better. 🙂

Jeonghan (Seventeen)
Jeonghan wore the sweater along with a pair of blue jeans, of the same color as the blue patterns on the sweater. With his long, straight hair, he gives off a chic image. His only accessory is the Seventeen ring.

Jaeho (History)
Jaeho wore the sweater with a pair of blue jeans. He has a natural hairstyle and doesn’t appear to be wearing any accessories. His hairstyle, his attitude and body language give off a casual, home-like feel.

Wooshin (Up10tion)
Wooshin wears the sweater at a TV show, paired up with a white shirt and with ripped light blue jeans. His colorful hair and his attitude give off a cute image.

(Special thanks to Yanti)

Who wore it better: Seventeen's Jeonghan vs History's Jaeho vs Up10tion's Wooshin

Who’s your pick for today’s edition of “Who wore it better”: Seventeen’s Jeonghan, History’s Jaeho or Up10tion’s Wooshin? Feel free to comment below.

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  • gia

    voted for Jeonghan! <3

  • Icedpeachtea

    Wooshin! He’s so cute

  • Vaname

    Jaeho wore it better

  • kelly

    voted for *drums* ….Jeonghan. 😀

  • Xery

    Jaeho looks so good in that sweater, though I don’t know him, my vote goes to him.

  • yeti

    is this some popular sweater? lots of kpop members seem to wear it 😀

  • sixty-oneXninety-fourEVER

    ooh my baby Wooshin, why are you always so cute and full of charms.
    You know I love you right?? but I think Jaeho wore it better so I voted for him.
    But you will always be one of my non-smtown faves 🙂 Saranghae Wooshin <3

  • sam UI

    Jaeho was shooting the MV “Queen” in this photo. So, yeah. But he still wear it better. So, casual.

  • EtherealTulip

    i’m not even a fan of history, but their members look awesome in those clothes xD

  • It was a hard choice between Jaeho and Wooshin, but in the end I chose Wooshin.

  • syalalala land

    Wooshin is cute wearing this sweater, matching with his face ( fresh ) and hair color.

  • eve i guess

    I have to give this one to Wooshin. All three look great in the sweater but I really like how it goes really well with his hair. I also like the collared shirt underneath, I think it brings an little extra something to the look. Overall, a great sweater on all three lads.

  • This was so hard since they’re all my bias, but I choosed my baby Jaeho xD