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Who wore it better? EXO’s Kai vs GOT7’s Mark

This edition of “Who wore it better” brings two popular guys: EXO’s Kai vs GOT7’s Mark.

Both of them wore a dark blue suit with white patterns. Even if it’s the same outfit, they gave a different feeling. So, let’s see who wore this outfit better. 🙂

Kai (EXO)
Kai chose to wear the blue suit in a rather classic way, though he accessorized it with a pair of sporty golden Nike sneakers and a blue crown. His hair is grey and he gives a serious vibe.
Kai (EXO)

Mark (GOT7)
Mark also accessorized the suit with a pair of golden Nike shoes. The way he wears the suit, with a black and white striped shirt, and the pulled up pants, which now appear to be three quarters, gives him a sporty look.
Mark GOT7 wore it better

EXO's Kai vs GOT7's Mark: Who wore it better?

What’s your opinion, who wore this blue suit better: EXO’s Kai or GOT7’s Mark? Feel free to comment below. 🙂