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Who wore it better? Jungkook (BTS) vs Key (Shinee) vs JB (GOT7) vs Taeyang (Big Bang) vs Jay Park vs Hyunseung vs Yijeong (History)

This edition of “Who wore it better” brings a couple of cool Kpop guys: Jungkook (BTS) vs Key (Shinee) vs JB (GOT7) vs Taeyang (Big Bang) vs Jay Park vs Hyunseung (ex B2ST) vs Yijeong (History).

So, let’s see who wore this off-white camouflage print cargo jacket better.

The jacket costs $1,257. Pretty expensive, right? 😀

Jungkook (BTS)
Jungkook wore the jacket with a white shirt and black pants. He also accessorized his outfit with a gray hat and a long necklace with a pendant. He gives off a party feel.

Key (SHINee)
Key decided to wear the camouflage jacket along with a pair of white shorts and a pair of black and white sneakers. The outfit gives off a sporty image which contrasts with his stylish hairstyle, to give off a more sophisticated look.

JB wore the jacket at a GOT7 fan meeting along with a white shirt and a beige and khaki cap. He accessorized his outfit with a bracelet, earrings and a lot of rings.

Taeyang (BigBang)
Taeyang wore the off-white camouflage print cargo jacket along with a black shirt and ripped jeans. He accessorized his outfit with a black hat and a black face mask, which gives him a cool, bad boy image.

Jay Park (ex 2PM)
Jay Park wore the outfit along with a black shirt, ripped jeans, and a pair of Timberland boots. He accessorized his outfit with a bracelet and a pair of sunglasses. He gives off a typical bad boy look.

Hyunseung (ex B2ST)
Hyunseung wore the jacket along with a black shirt and black pants. He accessorized the outfit with an imposing golden necklace and several massive rings. He is wearing dreadlocks, which contribute even more to his bad guy appearance.

Yijeong (History)
He wears the jacket in a baggy way with a long shirt underneath and a pair of black, rather tight pants. He accessorized the outfit with two long silver necklaces and a big ring.

(Special thanks to Yanti)

Who wore it better? Jungkook (BTS) vs Key (Shinee) vs JB (GOT7) vs Taeyang (Big Bang) vs Jay Park vs Hyunseung vs Yijeong (History)

So what’s your opinion, who wore this jacket better? Jungkook (BTS), Key (Shinee), JB (GOT7), Taeyang (Big Bang), Jay Park, Hyunseung or Yijeong (History)? Feel free to comment below. 🙂

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  • Kinamon

    So my vote goes to…. JB!

  • one

    Jungkook <3
    but I guess I'll vote for Jay Park o_o

  • Olivia

    Though this jacket is really expensive xD

  • ME

    OFC Key, he is a fashionista and diva

  • Jungkook oppa!!!

  • cool cool

    smh y’all biased for jungkook

  • Riss

    ok so we just not gonna talk about jay park???? mmm ok

  • Rassy

    Right, because BTS getting popular now

  • ShadowShan

    Yeah to be honest I wasn’t planning on Voting Kookie but..I knew that he would get the most votes so..I voted for him instead

  • Khadijah

    I don’t really like this type of stuff, honestly whoever runs this should something as stupid as comparing who wore something better will set that fandom off

  • got7 talent7 dab7 extra7

    i swear jay park looks hot

  • Mirahkim

    Kim ki bum rock

  • Ashley Crystal Dane Dumilon


  • sixty-oneXninety-fourEVER

    I’m an SM Stan but I voted for Jay Park…
    Sorry Key, but Jay Park is just so hot.

  • sixty-oneXninety-fourEVER

    People voted for him not because he wore it better, but because he’s their bias.
    oh well..

  • Maria Aru

    exactly, I believe taeyang and j park wore it better

  • Jenna Silvey

    Jaebum;)) had to choose my daddy

  • KleinXDgirl

    I’m not suprised that JK has the most votes even as a A.R.M.Y Member I have to say Yijeong from History or Jay Park

  • Mexx

    Y’all so salty that jk won a damn irrelevant poll it’s not that deep lmao a whole mess 😂

  • y’all stahp choosing your bias just cuz he’s from bts. yes i’m an army too but imma have to go with Jay Park or Taeyang on this one.

  • SHINeeLover

    Even though I love Key, Jay Park give a very cool and revelic vibe that brings out the style with a charismatic aura….😎😎😎

  • snail

    what jacket?? all i see are floating heads

  • Celestial Lasiez

    Y’all do know that this is a “who wore it better” poll and not a “who do you like better” poll right? 😂😂😂😂 My top 3 would have to be Jay, Taeyang, and Hyunseung with Hyun being #1. The black with the contrasting gold accessories and those honey blond dreads REALLY made the jacket pop, love it!

  • taemin trash

    key wears everything better than everyone lmao

  • sam UI

    I’m not a fan of Jay Park. But I think he wore it better. I love you Key, JB and Yijeong. But it’s the truth.

  • beyond everything

    u said i vote for jungkook because he is my bias? hell yes. relax people. it just a poll. smh

  • Emi

    tbh I just really liked Jay Park and Jungkook’s style with this….it’s a cute bad boy look, the others…i dont mean to seem rude but it looks sloppy…

  • Jay Park tho
    He wore it best in my opinion

  • Farhana Aneesa

    My favourite are Hyunseung,Taeyang,Key and Jay Park (of course he is hot)

  • Victoria

    what are ya’ll saying? I voted for JK because I think he wore it the best, everyone has a different opinion so how do you want to know, if I voted for Jungkook because he’s my bias or because I think he wore it the best?

  • junhoeslut

    in every “who wore it better poll” with a bts member that person’s always first because no one votes fairly and y’all vote for your biases. i voted for hyunseung cause he really looked the best with that outfit…

  • s_ree 🤙🏼

    Jay looks good in anything literally. He makes anything look cool

  • Mary Rose Gementiza

    Jungkook is the best in handling suits or whatever he wears he looks awesome

  • bangtan_emily

    ikrrr i love jk but key slayed that jacket so i voted for him… dont just vote for your biases, vote for who rocked the outfit

  • Leila

    OMG! Is it just me or does Key look good in Literally everything?!

  • syalalala land

    I Vote for jay park, he look good and manly with that outfit.

  • Diya

    Jungkook wore it the best:)

  • Brie

    I don’t know Jay Park but he looked really good so I voted for him 🙂

  • itsmeYhel

    jungkookie was the best of all

  • Phoebe

    1. jungkookie bc he some how makes a cool styled jacket look really cute
    2. taeyang bc he looks awesome here. its obvious lmao
    3. jaypark bc i dont really like him, but i have to admit he looks pretty cool.

  • Glody Jones

    Jungkook wore it the best!!😍😍😍

  • Mini Master 8989

    Key anydayyy

  • vycycktoria brigeman

    jungkook looks good in everything !

  • POP!K


  • MonbebexCarat

    Because its your Bias right? Really, why is BTS always better? I think you dont know History or any other nice groups. Yeah, thats why i leave Army, and look After Fandoms, they are also make good Music and have lovable Members. (SEVENTEEN,Block B, B.A.P…)

  • popularity competition every time bts is in :”)

  • Lia Giba

    You’re speaking for yourself. They are speaking about polls in general and what they said is true.

  • Lia Giba

    Based on the shots of the idols I chose Key because he actually looked good in that photo. Can’t say the same for others (JK’s picture here isn’t really the best shot they could have taken. Neither is JB’s).
    Goes to show how blind some are while choosing who wore it better. Ever heard of fair game?

  • exonxt

    Yijeong because it looks like it fits his body shape well, Key because he actually looks good in it, and Jay Park because it compliments his actual style and his body shape really well.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Can you stop? So what if she voted for Jungkook, maybe she thought he actually looked better wearing it. She did absolutely nothing wrong. Yall kpopies are discriminating against armys whenever we vote for them or if they are winning. And we don’t have to look after other fandoms if we do not want to, what type of shit is that? It’s our opinion onto who looks better.

  • Alyssa

    Jay Park, Taeyang and Jungkook. Wanted to vote Key as well 🙁

    Jay Park because damn, it looks amazing on him. He fits this look the best of all of them I think.

    Taeyang because camouflage looks good on him, even better with the jeans he chose with it.

    Jungkook because he looks like boyfriend material, it isn’t a good picture tho.

    Key because he looks very fashionable with it. With the pose it looks even better and he looks like a model.

  • Renan Lee

    We all know that if it’s biased, Jungkook will win. But we all know that Hyunseung fits it the most.

  • ᴬᴸᴱˣᴬ

    Ofc JK! he is fuxking slaying

  • 12 34