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Who wore it better? Dara (2NE1) vs J-Hope (BTS) vs Kyungil (History)

This edition of “Who wore it better” brings Dara (2NE1) vs J-Hope (BTS) vs Kyungil (History).

It’s 2 boys and a girl, so, let’s see who wore this PUMA Bape Long Coat better. 🙂

The coat costs around $250.

Dara (2NE1)
Dara wore the jacket in a cute way. She wore her hair tided up, giving off a casual feel. She also wore a natural make up to go along with the outfit.

J-Hope (BTS)
J-Hope also gives off a cute aura. He chose a simple hairstyle which goes along very well with the outfit.

Kyungil (History)
Kyungil wears the coat along with a black shirt. His almost white hair contrasts with the black shirt and the black part of the coat. He seems very confident in this outfit.

(Special thanks to Yanti)

Who Wore Better: 2NE1's Dara vs BTS's J-Hope vs History's Kyungil

So what’s your pick for this edition? Who wore it better: Dara (2NE1), J-Hope (BTS) or Kyungil (History)? Feel free to comment below. 🙂