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Who wore it better? Dara (2NE1) vs J-Hope (BTS) vs Kyungil (History)

This edition of “Who wore it better” brings Dara (2NE1) vs J-Hope (BTS) vs Kyungil (History).

It’s 2 boys and a girl, so, let’s see who wore this PUMA Bape Long Coat better. 🙂

The coat costs around $250.

Dara (2NE1)
Dara wore the jacket in a cute way. She wore her hair tided up, giving off a casual feel. She also wore a natural make up to go along with the outfit.

J-Hope (BTS)
J-Hope also gives off a cute aura. He chose a simple hairstyle which goes along very well with the outfit.

Kyungil (History)
Kyungil wears the coat along with a black shirt. His almost white hair contrasts with the black shirt and the black part of the coat. He seems very confident in this outfit.

(Special thanks to Yanti)

Who Wore Better: 2NE1's Dara vs BTS's J-Hope vs History's Kyungil

So what’s your pick for this edition? Who wore it better: Dara (2NE1), J-Hope (BTS) or Kyungil (History)? Feel free to comment below. 🙂

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  • wey

    voted for Dara! she’s such a cutie!

  • Qie


  • eimy

    why no one is talking about Kyungil? I think he rocks in that outfit

  • one

    Kyungil got my vote on this.

  • Rina

    Can I vote for Kyungil & Dara? :3
    *this poll is hardest then my exam tbh!

  • Anisa Hussein

    J-hope 😍😍😍😍😍 he wore it the best

  • VhopeMarkJin XiuHan

    J-hooooope 😍 Obviously he wore it best, you don’t need to ask

  • Cherry May Lucero (Choi Min Ye


  • sixty-oneXninety-fourEVER

    I’m confused who to vote between Dara and J-hope,
    but I voted for Dara in the end. I just can’t resist the cuteness of that bunny! ^_^

  • John Coronado

    Dara wore it better!

  • Babie Ralte Kawlni


  • Emma Ward

    i completely agree. it barely even looks poofy on him XD

  • EtherealTulip

    ah jeez
    i’m not gonna vote, but i think kyungil looked more attractive in it. hobi and dara looked adorable, though.

  • sam UI

    His body fits perfectly in that outfit.

  • anh

    everyone is voting for j-hope cause he popular tbh

  • Mahzabin Naruse

    Every “who wore it better” pole here is basically “who’s more popular” pole.

  • Uchiha Sarada


  • syalalala land

    Dara oennie is cute, but this jacket belong to man. and i vote j-hope.

  • Kyungil *~*

  • Qwerty

    It’s obviously Dara.. She looks so cute with it.

  • Mickhela

    The kinda tribal/monster sweat that Dara paired with the jacket made her win the cuteness battle. And her potty bun. And the fact that she look like a cute little worm. My sunshine J-Hope look cute too but here he lost to Dara.
    And Kyungil look hawt.

  • Aragorn Lee

    What a surprise! People are going for BIAS not what this is made for….. It’s who wore it better not who IS better. Smh

  • Levi’s girl

    Hobi is my bias wrecker and I don’t even know Dara and Kyungil but I voted for Kyungil coz in my opinion he looked the best.

  • arvy

    Dara slays basically any look.

  • Hafsa Saleemi

    I voted J-Hope, but because it felt like more of a winter jacket look on him, if that makes sense.

  • vida

    All of them look good but Damn J-Hope ! That boy can literally wears ANYTHING and look like a Model ! He is so fashionable as well . he is always well dressed no matter when , where or why !


    j-hope but kyungil looked good

  • Alyssa

    Kyungi even tho BTS is the only one I stan from these. His hair looks great with this jacket!