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Who wore it better? Twice’s Nayeon vs APink’s Naeun

In this poll, we have two beautiful and elegant girls coming face to face: Twice’s Nayeon vs APink’s Naeun. Let us see who wore this outfit better.

Twice’s Nayeon and APink’s Naeun wore the same outfit -a short and simple black dress with a low V-shaped neck and white ends of sleeves, paired with a black choker which has attached a glossy white collar – both with a natural makeup, but with different hairstyles and a different attitude. Let’s see which of the two styles you prefer. 🙂

Twice’s Nayeon

Nayeon gives off a very serious and stylish look, accessorizing the outfit with very elegant silver earrings and a light pink makeup. While her nails are painted in white, for the tips she chose a glossy silver polish, matching her earrings. She wears a ponytail tied with natural hair, which she brought to the front, the hair covering her right shoulder.

APink’s Naeun

Naeun wears a very natural makeup, pink lipstick, mascara, very little eye-shadow, almost unnoticeable and transparent nail polish. She also chose a very simple hairstyle, the slightly curled hair falling naturally on her shoulders. The only accessories she wears are 5 silvery rings on her left hand. She gives off a very charming and cute aura.

Who wore it better? Nayeon vs Naeun

Who will your vote go for in today’s outfit challenge: Nayeon or Naeun? Feel free to comment below.

  • Kie

    Nayeon wore it better, vote for her XD

  • Xie Xie

    Naeun wore it better! Definitely!

  • Noname

    my vote goes to Naeun, though I like both of them……. this was a difficult choice for me xD

  • Karry

    Nayeon! I like her and Twice so much!

  • Karry

    Then are you biased too? :p See? Each has his/her own taste. 😀

  • Karry

    You should also learn how to respect other peoples’ opinion!!!
    I think Nayeon looks great! So what?? It’s MY OPINION! Exactly like you think Naeun looks better! -It’s your opinion!

  • Chit tay12
  • Chit tay12
  • JIchu of blackpink

    of course it’s naeun duhh

  • say.hun

    I stan Twice and don’t stan APink….. but Naenun wore it better

  • Evan dimpu

    Naeun…..she looks great…

  • Alexa Cosares


  • analyn pautan


  • Cherry May Lucero (Choi Min Ye

    I stan for both Twice and Apink…. this was easy because Naeun wore it better at first glance and up to the last

  • Naeun ( APink )

  • hasrizam has


  • Sarah

    Nayeon looks just pretty but I fell in love with Naeunnie at the first glance~ Shes too sweet♡

  • Soth Vicheka

    Naeun unnie for sure 👸🏻🖤✨

  • Ams Brooker

    I like both but Nayeon just looks so classy in hers I gotta choose her <3

  • chanbin

    i like them both, but i need to choose one. and that was nayeon !!!!!

  • lynel joy

    same… I can’t even choose one but…I need to..and that was also nayeon.
    they’re both my bias

  • Deidre Ruelan

    you have made the wrong choice sorry

  • Maylene Gimena

    Apink naeun

  • syalalala land

    both are better, but i prefer naeun, she look ellegant with that dress. nayeon look cute.

  • Caroline Carrera

    Both are VERY SIMILAR. I vote none.

  • Momoland

    Hey, she/he did not! We all have different opinions that we need to respect.
    a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

  • key

    naeun of course