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Who wore it better? Jackson vs Chanyeol vs Lay vs Rap Monster

Today’s ‘who wore it better’ fashion challenge brings forth four hot, handsome and popular guys: GOT7’s Jackson vs EXO’s Chanyeol vs EXO’s Lay vs BTS’s Rap Monster.

Let’s see who wore batter this light blue embroidered leather Gucci jacket which we must add, is quite expensive, currently costing $7980. The jacket is hand-painted, embroidered with clusters of red and orange flowers and enriched with metal studs and spikes of various sizes and zippers at the pockets and sleeves.

embroidered leather Gucci jacket


Jackson (GOT7)
Jackson paired the fancy jacket with a shirt, having the same light blue hue as the leather. He wears a pair of blue and dark blue checked pants. Jackson wears close to no accessories, but a few piercings. His light, almost white hair, completes the sophisticated vibe he gives off.
Jackson (GOT7)

Chanyeol (EXO)
As Jackson, Chanyeol chose to wear the jacket along with a light blue, simple shirt. He completed the outfit with dark blue jeans and a Gucci crocodile belt with ‘double G’ buckle which currently costs $995. He chose a simple, yet stylish hairstyle, giving him a chic aura.
Chanyeol (EXO)

Lay (EXO)
Chanyeol’s EXO colleague, Lay, showed off his sexy, bad guy look, pairing the jacket with a white tank top and white pants. He is heavily accessorized with imposing rings on both hands and a big golden necklace with a pendant.
Lay (EXO)

Rap Monster (BTS)
Rap Monster wore the jacket with a pair of white pants and a Silk Cambridge Gucci shirt, which currently costs $880, completing his cool, yet cute look.
Rap Monster (BTS)

Who wore it better? Jackson vs Chanyeol vs Lay vs Rap Monster

Fancy Gucci jacket, a bunch of handsome guys, totally different styles, it’s up to you to decide who wore it better: Jackson, Chanyeol, Lay or Rap Monster? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Krisy

    Lay wore it better!!! < 3

    So sexy.

  • Gyri

    The jacket is soooooooooooooooo expensive!!! o___O

  • oery

    Chanyeol looks the best with this jacket. He looks like a truly model.

  • Ko.Ko.Bop.lover663

    How did he get last? Like seriuosky

  • Dana Gonzales

    RapMon wore it better

  • sixty-oneXninety-fourEVER

    Two of my Kings are in here…
    What should I do??!!
    Why you did this to me!!

    but to be honest, without being bias, Chanyeol really wore it better.. he looks like a real model. <3

  • trish

    Oh my,wahh!!Im stanning all of these groups,what should i do?..should i vote or what??…huhuhuhu…They all look handsome with that Gucci jacket….

  • EtherealTulip

    they all wore it well xD

  • Emi

    I think Lay wore it best, I feel that the plain simple look really brought out the uniqueness in the jacket

  • __Lae__
  • Triggered

    Bruhh Lay got last? It’s clear that the simple look matches the jacket the most.

  • Rainne Wu


  • smol fugly kween

    rm was wearing the fake version LMAOOOOO

  • Stan ExO&TwiCe

    To be honest, Lay is the only one that looked really good in that jacket

  • 𝒵𝒾𝒶𝒽 ♡ 지우

    I honestly refuse to vote on this one because…wow.

  • Lay all the way <3

  • Pear Blossom

    RM wore it like he bought it