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Who wore it better: GOT7’s BamBam vs Twice’s Mina

Today’s ‘who wore it better’ challenge brings GOT7’s BamBam vs Twice’s Mina.
GOT7’s BamBam vs Twice’s Mina
BamBam (GOT7) and Mina (Twice) wore approximately the same type of outfit – a knee length red coat with a black and white striped shirt underneath. Let’s see who wore it better. 🙂

BamBam (GOT7)
BamBam paired the top with tight black pants and elegant black shoes. He carries a large black sporty bag on his shoulder. His hair matches well the color of the coat and gives him a sophisticated look.
BamBam (GOT7) who wore it better
BamBam (GOT7)

Mina (Twice)
Mina wore the outfit along with a pair of blue jeans, which gives off a casual look. She is wearing a simple black leather purse and close to no make up, apart from some discrete lipstick, mascara and some eyeliner. She chose a natural hairstyle, her hair falling, slightly wavy, on her shoulders, giving her a sweet, casual, yet classy aura.
GOT7’s BamBam vs Twice’s Mina
Mina (Twice)

Who wore it better? BamBam vs Mina

While the clothes aren’t the same, it’s the same type of outfit, so, who do you think wore it better? 🙂 Feel free to comment below.

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  • Kira

    Even their hair color is matching the outfit. 😀

    I voted for BamBam, he is stylish.

  • Elly
  • Kiro

    I come often to check this poll Lol because I like both of them and I’m curious who will win. 😀

  • Jia

    I do the same. 😀

  • curiousowl

    I believe both groups share the same wardrobe or their coordinators like to exchange clothes or something? Or else they just have two pieces of the same thing both group, idk.. 🙂 I saw once they wear similar clothes, like the exact same clothes. E.g: Mark’s jeans jacket in Weekly Idol (KISS written at the back), I saw one of Twice wear that in The Boss is Watching?

  • KpopAddict

    Both are wearing the EXACT same clothing! Red hair, jeans, red coat, black and white shirt/top, AND a black bag! Only difference is their gender!

  • Ams Brooker

    Both, both are good xD

  • bangtan_emily

    it looks a bit too big on mina so i’ll go with bambam. but, both of them looked great!

  • syalalala land

    Both are Perfect style, since I’m a girl, I choose Mina, so i can steal her style.

  • Kim Joo Ron


  • Kim Joo Ron

    gender doesn’t matter

  • Kim Joo Ron

    wow you’re good. i didn’t notice until you mention that haha

  • Stan ExO&TwiCe

    Do they shear clothes in JYP?😂😂