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Who wore it better: BTS’ Jungkook vs EXO’s Lay vs Seventeen’s Vernon vs BTOB’s Ilhoon vs GOT7’s Mark

In today’s ‘who wore it better’ fashion challenge we have five handsome and popular guys wearing a super cute yellow donut hoodie: BTS’ Jungkook vs EXO’s Lay vs Seventeen’s Vernon vs BTOB’s Ilhoon vs GOT7’s Mark.
BTS’ Jungkook vs EXO’s Lay vs Seventeen’s Vernon vs BTOB’s Ilhoon vs GOT7’s Mark
Let’s see who wore better the Odd Future Banana Yellow All Over Donut Hoodie, which is a bright yellow hoodie, decorated with really cute pink frosted, blue donuts.

Jungkook (BTS)
Jungkook wore the already famous hoodie in BTS’s 2015 SUMMER Vacation!??? package. Wearing no accessories and making a really cute face, he gives off an adorable and innocent look.
Jungkook yellow donuts hoodie

Lay (EXO)
Lay wore the donut hoodie while traveling, and paired it with a black face mask and a small piercing, pulling off a very comfortable, casual style.
Lay (EXO)

Vernon (Seventeen)
Vernon wore the hoodie on the stage, along with a pair of black shirts and no accessories. With a cute smile on his face, he gives off a bright image.
Vernon (Seventeen)

Ilhoon (BTOB)
Ilhon wore the hoodie when he made an appearance at the popular show ‘Weekly Idol’ and paired it with a white shirt underneath and a black leather cap. With his sleeves pulled up and some charm bracelets at his wrist, he pulls off a very relaxed, sporty look.
Ilhoon (BTOB)

Mark (GOT7)
GOT7’s Mark wore the popular hoodie in the ‘Just Right’ MV. He paired it with a white shirt underneath, dark blue shirts, blue sport shoes and yellow with blue socks. He has a light gray hair and the pink streaks complete the very cute aura he gives off.
Mark (GOT7)

Jungkook vs Lay vs Vernon vs Ilhoon vs Mark: who wore it better?

Who wore the donut hoodie better: Jungkook vs Lay vs Vernon vs Ilhoon vs Mark? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Viky
  • Anne

    Mark wore it better <3 He's so cute!

  • Sulisa

    I agree

  • Kiri

    Lay oppa wore it better!!!

  • oasyien

    agree..because he wear it in mv

  • varrnessah

    Then keep voting for mark

  • varrnessah

    Then keep voting for him😊

  • KProfiles

    Mark and Vernon for me!

  • Moshieroo

    I swear people only vote for Jungkook, because bts .-.

  • Jisoo<3


  • sixty-oneXninety-fourEVER

    They all look so cute!! I can’t choose!

  • Andrea Tuan

    I see this hoodie and think off Mark xd

  • EtherealTulip

    honestly, mark and hansol looked the best to me

  • Julia Bindang

    lay and vernon

  • Emi

    Even as an ARMY, I have to be truthful about their style…I’m sorry JK, but you look sick…as with the others you either had something missing or something that just ruined the cutesy style of the jacket. My vote goes to Got7’s Mark

  • Ams Brooker

    Honestly i love all of them but the jumper to me is a Mark Edition Original xD

  • emy

    that jumper is an Odd Future Banana Yellow All Over Donut Hoodie at HBX
    my vote goes to Vernon

  • Siti Loves KARD


  • ɪɪ JohnJohn ɪɪ


  • seulmin

    mark !

  • Wendy _ui


  • Maricor Delima


  • Cajj

    You gotta do what you gotta do and I also agree with you (and I’m also an army) but I think it should be mark and Vernon but it looks more like a “mark edition”

  • Kookie oppa

    Kookie oppa Mark oppa

  • Mai Anh Do

    Isn’t mark the original? Lol

  • ShadowGirl

    Mark looks so adorable. I’m judging fairly on the “who wore it better”. I choose the best one and forget about if they’re my bias or no. ;p

  • Got7


  • Got7

    I know right!

  • Got7

    Ofc it’s Mark!!!

  • syalalala land

    This sweater belong to Mark, hahhaha.
    He wore better.

  • Byeol

    Mark is the OG of this hoodie lol like I’m an ARMY too but anyone who put Jungkook is just biased sorry not sorry 😛

  • Mark he looked the best in it besides Vernon, Ilhoon and Lay. Jungkook I don’t really think it was his style, but ofc this is a “bias” place so Jungkook gets the more votes(I’m not jealous, I’m a ARMY XD). Also when you see the donut hoodie who comes to mind first? Mark duh

  • Yes he is.

  • Kim Joo Ron

    i choose Mark because can anyone explain how jungkook look hand-some cuz i always thought his eyes were a bit creepy. HEY i’m not a hater, i’m just curious how he’s so popular… and beside if you search Yellow Donut hoodie, GOT7 Mark will pop up and if you click in Amazon, it said, ” A Must Be For A GOT7 Fan “. So clearly Mark is more popular in this hoodie than jungkook. prove? here’s the prove:
    https://www.amazon.com/GOT7-Hoodie-Donut-Unisex-Sweatershirt/dp/B01I977V66?th=1&psc=1 and https://www.totemokawaiishop.com/products/got7-donut-hoodie

  • Kim Joo Ron


  • Kim Joo Ron

    I SO KNOW RIGHT!!!! they’re getting on my nerve sometime

  • Kim Joo Ron


  • Jordan

    There is literally no point in adding anyone from BTS these days. The new fans will vote them no matter what. It’s annoying but that’s just how it is with these 12 and 13 year olds (give or take a year or two). And don’t call me a BTS hater. BTS are my third favourite group after Day6 and EXO. I would never vote anyone of those two groups purely cause I like that group the most though.That’d just be stupid.The only people I hate are ARMYS. They’re why I only call myself a BTS stan. Never again shall I call myself that wretched fandom name.
    (I voted Mark)

  • 唱着莲花

    Jaypark wore it too in “my last”

  • JuSt LoOKiN fOr Da jAMs

    Wow calm down and dont u dare say any other word..First of all not all of the fandom 12 or 13 years old i think u r even smaller than that ughh..everyone have their own opinion…and dont call ur self a bts stan after what u just said…all bts fans r like siblings and u r just here trying to wreck our fandom…u r the one who needs help here..JEEEZ Mind ur own business cuz its our choices..they all look cute on it but everyone have diffrent thoughts…personally im an army and a hard stan too but i chose mark see everyone choose what they want…armys find bts cute on everything and thats true so CHILL!

  • JuSt LoOKiN fOr Da jAMs

    Again i say everyone has their own opinion

  • JuSt LoOKiN fOr Da jAMs

    Everyone has their own opinion not just because mark is the OG jungkook gives a very cute look and for me it was hatd to choose but i chose mark

  • Jordan

    I am calm. Sorry, didn’t know I had to love the Fandom and never criticize it to stan BTS and love their music lmao. Also, to deny a large majority of the fan base are around 12 or 13 is just lying to yourself. I went to see burn the stage and 85% were 10-14 girls guaranteed. I can’t wreck a Fandom that’s been terrible the last couple years. I’ve been a massive stan for 5 years and this is the worst it’s been. I always realise when they’re beat but others are so close-minded. You could put them in a manly contest, chuck them in drag queen costumes and they’d still win. I don’t deny they look cute in a lot of things but when the sole reason you choose them is because you like them, that’s a bit ridiculous. And as a result of the younger fan base, opinions are often biased af.

  • Kim Joo Ron

    Sorry if I went too far😂😂😂

  • Mìň Šůğåř

    I agree


    I think mark and jungkook both looked nice i love bts and got7 but seeing mark i knew i should choose him and that was that but jungkook looked nice too and vernon


    just right was a good video

  • Celestia Sequira

    you get biased opinions for every single popular celebrity whether or not it’s bts. You can’t say it’s only bts and armys. they may seem more harsh, but you have to realize their fandom is bigger so it includes more of those annoying fans as well. Don’t stereotype the whole fandom and call them annoying bc that’s when you start arguing. Not only do you offend the worst ones, but also the mature fans as well. You can’t be sure that most of the fans are immature 12/13 year olds unless you take a poll. It may seem that way, but never assume things without direct proof. It’s better to say you dislike the ARMYs who are rude instead of saying “The only people I hate are ARMYS” and calling the whole fandom “wretched.”

  • Celestia Sequira

    i find his eyes the best part of his face lol
    If you search yellow donut hoodie both mark and jungkook will pop up. They are both popular for wearing this hoodie, I’d rather not say one is clearly more popular. There’s also the difference of how they wore it. Mark wore it on a broadcast. Jungkook wore it on a video package that mostly only ARMYs are likely to check out (and not all of them either).

  • Celestia Sequira

    It’s kind of sad how so many people are complaining about Jungkook when he didn’t even ask for this…The way he wore it obviously was not trying to make a fashion statement or anything lol. He wore it as a comfortable hoodie one would wear at home.
    Again, people have their own opinions, so please don’t say ALL of the people who voted for Jungkook are biased. There are people who think the hoodie looks best as a home-wear without makeup and whatsoever.
    Let’s not drag others down on these kind of posts. If you think someone wore it better, it’s fine to write “I think ____ looks best in it!” “I love how ____ wore it!” etc….., but please don’t write “_____ so wore it better than _____” “_____ only is winning bc of fans” “_______ and his fans are getting on my nerves.”

  • Jordan

    Sorry, I should have stated clearly that I realise there are some more mature ARMYs, because I definitely have no problem with them. I did say that there is a large majority are younger which you can’t really deny, though. You look anywhere for ARMYs and most will be of younger age. With that younger age there is immaturity and correlating bias. You can see it in all the polls BTS are in, both past and present. In most other fandoms (even EXO-L) I have been apart of, I have had a fairly easy time finding those of a similar age to myself or older. And they, more than not, remain unbiased unlike your average (especially new) ARMY. I was a bit harsh there with what I said about the fandom though. Hate is a strong word. Its more of a strong distaste. But hey, despite my views of a lot of ARMYs, at least we can find common ground in that we both agree BTS are amazing.

  • I don’t even know

    I don’t see a problem that jk got the most votes, he looks fine in it, I’m a BTS stan 100%, they’re my favorite group, but I knew he’d have a lot of votes already so I chose purely based off of how they look in the hoodie, so I choose Vernon.

  • exonxt

    Vernon and Mark, solely because they look good in it. it goes with their hair. mark has the pink streak which matches the hoodie almost perfectly, and vernon had the silvery-brown hair which compliments the colors on the hoodie a lot. the yellow of the hoodie also compliments vernon’s skin tone really well.

  • carat cute

    Vernon & Mark <3

  • Blackpink Oneus

    Jungkook is my bias, but I think Mark looks the cutest.


    I could see what you’re saying but I choose mark and maybe most of their fans are younger than 14 but that’s because as you get older you get mature like I’m 12 but bts helped get through times I needed help the most and so did other groups but bts was the most and I have been a fan for like 2 years now I noticed that kids are most depressed than adults and bts help us with that (and so do other groups) but you can’t dissagre because other groups also have younger fans not just bts if you see what I’m saying ( no hate 😁)


    I just want to say I liked mark the best but I would rather wear it like home clothing like how Jungkook did you know