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Who wore it better? Girls Genaration’s Hyoyeon vs BlackPink’s Jennie

We are bringing for today’s fashion challenge two sexy girls: Girls Genaration’s Hyoyeon vs BlackPink’s Jennie to see who wore better this long-sleeved, sparkly pink top.
Girls Genaration’s Hyoyeon vs BlackPink’s Jennie

Both girls chose to wear pink lipstick, natural makeup, consisting mostly of mascara and eyeliner and they both have a ponytail tied with natural hair, the only difference being that Hyoyeon straightened her hair, while Jennie has it falling over her shoulders in waves. Both girls accessorized the outfit with big, circular earrings.

Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation)
Hyoyeon completed the outfit with a pair of blue jean shorts, which are pretty ripped, accessorized with a black leather belt that has golden keys attached to it. In tone with the keys, she wears a thick golden choker which is placed over the top’s collar. What attracts the attention a lot is the black fishnet bodystocking she is wearing underneath. Hyoyeon is wearing a pair of massive, almost military-like boots which complete a sexy and bad girl look.

Jennie (BlackPink)
Jennie accessorized the outfit with silver jewelry consisting of big earrings, a thick choker and 4 rings, on her right hand. She also wears a pair of shorts, but with a total different feel – black, elegant, paired with a thick glossy belt of the same color. She wears a pair of black boots and long black socks that cover her knees.
Jennie (BlackPink)

Who wore it better? Hyoyeon vs Jennie

For who will your vote go today: Hyoyeon or Jennie? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Miw

    Hyoyeon, she definitely wore it better!

  • Kaeni

    My vote goes for Jennie!

  • Vivi

    Jennie she wore it better

  • Nadyne

    The dancing queen Hyoyeon wore it better! She’s super hot!
    Love how she looks in pink o__o

  • MinJihye

    Jennie is really pretty and then… POOF. Instant bias.
    Not that Hyoyeon is ugly

  • Leelee


  • Abby k

    BlackPink is my favorite but tbh hyoyeon wore it better. Her blonde hair really goes with it.

  • Jenisa

    Def Jennie

  • Cherry May Lucero (Choi Min Ye


  • shane


  • KpopAddict

    I think Hyoyeon on did it a bit over the top especially since the top is not only a bright purplish pink colour but also a crop top. Overall, Jennie has to win this one as she did it simple yet not too over the top and accessorised it perfectly. Sorry Hyoyeon!

  • Honey

    Hyoyeon wore it better….and haters fire

  • Yadhyra Alvarado

    Obviously jennie



  • Farhana Aneesa

    yes Hyoyeon is not ugly

  • Farhana Aneesa


  • BOF

    Most people commenting are 100% biased and new to kpop and there is no use in voting for this cuz it’s two different outfits and anyone would know hyoyeon wore this shirt first so obviously all credit would go to her unlike u people who are new to kpop that only know new kpop groups I’m not biased I’ve been into kpop for 5 12 years and gg are the Queen’s of kpop so no doubt there should be comparison BTW I love Jennie wayyyyy more than hyoyeon but I need to give my honest opinion I bet most of u only know who Jennie was lmao

  • Daryia Little

    I feel like the first girls was too much. But the second one looked more natural and clean….is that how I explain it?

  • Daryia Little

    Yes. That is EXACTLY how I feel

  • ༻𝙗𝙤𝙧𝙚𝙪𝙢

    Jennie I feel

  • Jess

    Jennie from Blackpink


    Jennie of Blackpink wore it better cuz idunno i just got a like uhm weird feeling about GG’s Hyoyeon….

  • ShadowGirl

    Even if they know hyoyeon they judged based on the pictures. Stop being so rude saying “all of you new to kpop” Instead you should be grateful they’re into kpop and not some haters. Hyoyeon and Jennie both looked gorgeous, it’s just that Jennie’s was more natural and clean if you get what I’m saying. I’m not a fan of BlackPink or GG but I still voted. Please calm down. They’re both amazing. 🙂

  • bangtan_emily

    i like the fishnets on hyoyeon, it compliments the shirt a lot. voting for her

  • Uchiha Sarada


  • syalalala land

    Jenny look classy and fabulous.
    Hyoyeon look like a erotic dancer, sorry.


    I think jennie wore it better. Hyoyeon wore it amazing too but idk something is odd there

  • Aurora Kaylee

    Jennie definitely wore it better, she looks cute with that outfit. JiHyo also wore it ‘good’, but it is differently then Jennie.

  • …uh…. who tf are you talking about ‘JiHyo’ 😂 there is no one named Jihyo here

  • wrong grammar

    jennie wore it better. hyoyeon wore it fine but the distressed denim shorts ruin it.

  • Taehyun Rose

    Jennie is overrated but I am a blink and support all members so Jennie 🙂 and I don’t know who is hyoyeon so of course Jennie