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Who wore it better? NCT’s Taeil vs BTS’s Jungkook

Today’s poll brings together NCT’s Taeil vs BTS’s Jungkook in the try to see who wore better this baggy casual outfit.
NCT’s Taeil vs BTS’s Jungkook
Both guys wear a colored white, dark blue and magenta checked sweater paired with a white t-shirt. Let’s see who wore this outfit better.

Taeil (NCT 127, NCT U)
Taeil chose to pair the top with a white choker having a silver pendant and a dark blue and green cap. The very light blond, almost white hair also matches the main color of the outfit. He gives off a very cool aura.
Taeil (NCT 127, NCT U) who wore it better

Jungkook (BTS)
BTS’s Jungkook chose to accessorize the outfit with a very thin and elegant necklace, small round silvery earrings and a classy ring. He chose a natural-looking hairstyle, while his attitude and body language give off a sexy aura.
Jungkook (BTS) who wore it better

Who wore it better? Taeil vs Jungkook

Which is your choice for today? Taeil or Jungkook’s way of wearing the outfit? Feel free to comment below.