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Who wore it better? BlackPink’s Rose vs Girls Genaration’s Taeyeon

Today’s fashion poll brings two beautiful girls face to face: BlackPink’s Rose vs Girls Genaration’s Taeyeon.
BlackPink’s Rose vs Girls Genaration’s Taeyeon
Let’s see who wore this light blue Holi oversized sequined denim shirt better.
Holi oversized sequined denim shirt
‘Holi Sequined denim’ shirt by the brand Ashish, worth €1474 (about $1560).

This oversized denim shirt is hand embroidered with sparkling sequins and beads in a color burst. The top is slightly distressed on the back, front, arms and on the front chest pocket. The designer’s goal was to create an eccentric style with a 60’s vibe.

Rose (BlackPink)
Rose chose to wear the shirt in a chic way, accessorizing it with a white belt, very short dark blue jeans, and extremely shiny jewelry, consisting of a choker, three big rings and a tiny bracelet. She wears a natural hairstyle, her hair falling freely on her shoulders.
Rose (BlackPink)
Image source: SBS

Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)
Taeyeon gives off a very natural, street look, wearing the shirt unbuttoned and tied, over a low neck t-shirt. She paired the top with a pair of light blue jeans having almost the same hue as the shirt, and a pair of green and white sport shoes. As Rose, Taeyeon wears a very natural hairstyle and close to no make up, which, along with the body posture, give her a very casual, sporty look.
Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)
Image source: SM Entertainment

Who wore it better? Rose vs Taeyeon

Will you go for the chic or the sporty style today between Rose or Taeyeon? Feel free to detail your choice below.