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Who wore it better? BlackPink’s Rose vs Girls Genaration’s Taeyeon

Today’s fashion poll brings two beautiful girls face to face: BlackPink’s Rose vs Girls Genaration’s Taeyeon.
BlackPink’s Rose vs Girls Genaration’s Taeyeon
Let’s see who wore this light blue Holi oversized sequined denim shirt better.
Holi oversized sequined denim shirt
‘Holi Sequined denim’ shirt by the brand Ashish, worth €1474 (about $1560).

This oversized denim shirt is hand embroidered with sparkling sequins and beads in a color burst. The top is slightly distressed on the back, front, arms and on the front chest pocket. The designer’s goal was to create an eccentric style with a 60’s vibe.

Rose (BlackPink)
Rose chose to wear the shirt in a chic way, accessorizing it with a white belt, very short dark blue jeans, and extremely shiny jewelry, consisting of a choker, three big rings and a tiny bracelet. She wears a natural hairstyle, her hair falling freely on her shoulders.
Rose (BlackPink)
Image source: SBS

Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)
Taeyeon gives off a very natural, street look, wearing the shirt unbuttoned and tied, over a low neck t-shirt. She paired the top with a pair of light blue jeans having almost the same hue as the shirt, and a pair of green and white sport shoes. As Rose, Taeyeon wears a very natural hairstyle and close to no make up, which, along with the body posture, give her a very casual, sporty look.
Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)
Image source: SM Entertainment

Who wore it better? Rose vs Taeyeon

Will you go for the chic or the sporty style today between Rose or Taeyeon? Feel free to detail your choice below.

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  • Belle

    my vote goes for Taengo baby 🙂

  • Miw

    I voted for Rose, she wore it more stylish

  • Jimin’s Old Face

    either way, that’s a really ugly shirt

  • Kaeni

    This shirt is ugly but anyway, I voted for Rose.

  • Nadyne

    Ok, I’m SNSD fan, but this time, I admit Rose wore it better.
    I wonder if that shirt is also expensive since it’s not pretty at all in my opinion. o__o

  • Sy_Blue

    Rose is gorgeous <3

  • Peter Ngo

    Ugh this is hard!!! I love them both!! T_T

  • Chit tay12

    Definitely Rose

  • Nilam Rinda

    I think rose make it more elegant and make me want to wear it too.. never really think that that clothes exactly only like that.. but for taeyon, I think I need to wear it for photoshoot or etc, but It isnt make me really want to wear it.. but when I see rose’s style kind of make me want to use it when Im going out

  • Nilam Rinda

    its only about the style guys.. *personal opinion..

  • shane


  • pocket_jim♥

    I loved Taeyeon’s look cause omg it gave me lifeeee ♥ Actually they both did

  • Chaelisa is life

    Rosé La queen

  • Princez Yndee S. Billanes

    Rose for me

  • shiri peled

    I love Rose so much but Teayeon Just legend and she looks so good with that shirt so i choose her

  • Jazmine

    I vote for Rose

  • syalalala land

    I Like taeyeon.
    but I choose Rose.

  • Seris Damin

    I love rose…but for my opinion taeyeon wore it waaayy better.

  • kpop who?

    i have to choose between my two bias so this is hard

  • Daryia Little

    Its not about the bias. Its about who you think wore it better.

  • I like the way it was styled on Rose

  • Queen of Goddesses

    It fits Rosiee’s gorgeous body so well. I mean like look at how she slayed that idk outfit. Taeyon wore it good too.

  • exonxt

    taeyeon because the cinched belt on rose really threw me off. it compliments taeyeon really well, especially with the blonde hair and the green shoes. and the scenery really compliments the way taeyeon wore it as well.

  • ローキーデッドインサイド

    Taeyeon looked way finer than Rose

  • Taehyun Rose

    Rosé currently but Taeyeon is a good singer, I have not sure but internationally Rosé is most popular