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Who wore it better? SHINee’s Key vs f(x)’ s Krystal

Let us see who wore this cute, extra large hat better: SHINee’s Key or f(x)’ s Krystal.
SHINee’s Key or f(x)’ s Krystal

The large, red checked hat belongs to Push Button’s FW 2013 collection.
Push Button’s FW 2013 collection

Key (SHINee)
Key wore the large hat at an event, pairing it with a white shirt, which has an interesting, two-color collar: black and grey. He wears a pair of red pants and a black leather belt. Key accessorized the outfit in his usual eccentric style.
Key (SHINee)

Krystal f(x)
Krystal wore the hat in the Rum Pum Pum Pum MV, along with a sleeveless fur coat, in the same colors and having the same pattern as the hat. The coat is also inspired by the Push Button’s collection, just that f(x)’s stylists seem to have worked to modify the outfit quite a bit. Underneath the coat, she wears a sleeveless white shirt. Her very red hair goes very well with the chosen costume, as well as her lenses, which have almost the same color as the stripes on the outfit.
Krystal f(x)

Who wore it better? Key vs Krystal

Who will gain your vote today: Key or Krystal? Feel free to detail your choice below.