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Best Kpop Halloween costume?

Kpop idols surprise us each year with their awesome Halloween costumes.
Kpop Halloween costumes
From fairies and beautiful princesses to kitties or bunnies, from superheroes and anime characters to fierce pirates and scary vampires, Kpop idols manage to pull off some really amazing outfits, just perfect for a big Halloween party.

Let’s see which are the best Halloween costumes. 🙂

Girls’ Generation – Vampires, princesses, kitties, mean or good, but all equally beautiful!
Girls' Generation halloween

TaeTiSeo – Snow White and her cute little ‘pets’.
TaeTiSeo halloween

Super Junior – The strangest crew out there! 😀
Super Junior halloween

SHINee – Freddy Krueger meets Naruto. I wonder who will win! 😛
SHINee halloween

Jaejoong – Who wouldn’t want to be bitten by such a vampire?
Jaejoong halloween

2NE1 – Who wouldn’t pretend to be sick with such a hot nurse?

G-Dragon & Seungri – Two damn hot undead knights!
2ne1 halloween

Wonder Girls – When White Snow meets a cop and a cheerleader – interesting combination!
Wonder Girls Halloween costumes

2PM – Death, vampire, pirate, Freddy Krueger – a freaky crew and one courageous witch!
2pm halloween

2AM’s Changmin – What a sexy Joker!
2am Changmin halloween

EXO – When hot vampires meet the Phantom of the Opera.
Exo halloween

B2ST’s JunHyung – Pokemon anyone?
B2ST's JunHyung pokemon

NU’EST – From Jack Sparrow to prisoner and cop.
NU'EST halloween

Se7en makes a really cute Super Mario.
Se7en as super mario

Lee Hi – One beautiful aristocrat coming from another world.
Lee Hi halloween

AOA‘s Hyejong – Someone was rough on her! 😛
AOA‘s Hyejong halloween

Nine Muses – Definitely a party with strange guests!
Nine muses halloween

Oh My Girl – A cute little dress can never fail.
Oh My Girl halloween

Dal Shabet – They surely haven’t been up to anything good!
Dal Shabet

Melody Day – Hungry anyone? 😛
Melody Day funny costume

Sistar – Sexy bad brides!
Sister as brides

APink rocking uniforms!
Apink halloween

T-ara – A scary crew! 😀
T-ara halloween

B1A4 – Cute Halloween concept.
B1A4 halloween

BTS – A dangerous crew gathered there! 😛
BTS halloween

GOT7 – Superheros coming to our rescue!
GOT7 halloween

MonstaX – The vampires must be thirsty that they started to bite each other! 😛
MonstaX halloween

Seventeen – From Harry Potter to vampires, a pretty diversified crew! 😀
Seventeen Halloween costumes

DAY6‘s Young K – Sexy vampire!
Day6 Young K vampire

Twice – Fairy, mermaid, sexy pirate… what more can we wish for?
Twice halloween

Best Kpop Halloween costumes?

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  • Karin
  • Jyo

    Seventeen look the most amazing in those Halloween costumes!

  • Recheiru kōku

    GO BTS!!

  • Fanny

    Girl’s Generation look so good dressed for Halloween. <3

  • Sicca

    Super Junior and Melody Day had the most funny costumes, while BTS and Twice had the best costumes. 😀

  • Sany

    SHINee babies and 2PM had the best costumes!

  • Snakeu

    G-D and Seungri look so gooooddd! Wth….. The make up is on point. :3



  • Kairi ♥

    Gotta wuv TWICE

  • Leanne


  • Yeriiii

    in a complete unbiased opinion I HAD to go with Melody Day those costumes were fantastic LMAO

  • Bts Army’s

    ARMY !!! FIGHTING !!! 👻👻👻👻

  • Taehyung is life


  • Tahsin Bano


  • Rayray

    I’m sorry but some of these aren’t even halloween costumes?? Like some of them are for music videos or comeback concepts and some of them are just wearing small props (which I don’t think really counts as a costume..). My vote’s on SHINEE. They always bring their A game when they dress up for the annual SM Halloween Party!!

  • Agni

    Being dressed as a witch is still a Halloween costume, no matter if it was for a MV.
    The question says: Best Halloween costume? It doesn’t say best Halloween costume wore at a Halloween party.

  • Chit tay12


  • Chit tay12
  • Twice 05

    Twice and T-ara all the way!! Would be awsome if BlackPink also have..

  • Chaelisa is life

    the super junior one is epic

  • Monsta_P!NK

    Our Monsta X Hero Vampires!!! 😍😍😍

  • add knk on this

  • Teagan Freeman

    please tell me…….. how…. *THE HELL* ARE GD AND SEUNGRI THAT LOW? BOI IS YOU BLIND?! im sorry but they look like *god damn death gods and i want them to be the reason for my death*

  • EeZEe Vee


  • Zurako


    Sorry girls…..TaeTae slayed that Snow-white dress!!!!!!!
    The best one!!

  • Poppy McAulley

    No nct? 🙁

  • IArmyOnce7

    Yas 😂

  • Stiffany Benlota Raso

    Of course our not so sexy harley quinn Hahah

  • Kim Taehyung