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Mina vs Hyuna: Who wore it better?

This edition of who wore it better brings Hyuna (ex. member of  4Minute) vs Mina (Twice).
Hyuna vs Mina
Mina and Hyuna wore similar tops, let’s see who wore it better. 🙂

Mina (Twice)
Mina chose to wear the pink top with a pair of denim shorts and a pink belt. She accessorized the outfit with a pair of black boots and big circular earrings.

With her long red hair, and a bright smile, she looks rather cute. In the picture with the guns she gives a Lara Croft aura.
Mina (Twice) who wore it better
Mina (Twice)

Hyuna (ex 4Minute)
Hyuna as well, wore the pink shirt along with a pair of denim shorts. She used little to no accessories. With her rather messy blonde hair, she gives a sensual, sexy vibe.
Hyuna (ex 4Minute) who wore it better
Hyuna (ex 4Minute)

Mina vs Hyuna: Who wore it better?

So, which is your choice: Mina or Hyuna, who wore it better? 🙂 Feel free to comment below.

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  • Kira

    Hyuna’s body is so beautiful <3

  • Kyryo

    This one was tough but I ended up voting for Mina.

  • Kazumi Evans

    Hyuna looks amazing!

  • shane


  • Nikki Patrocenio

    Hyuna ♥ She’s the real queen

  • Eun


  • Moshiiie

    Hyuna, because I think it`s more an badass outfit than a cute on, so definitely Hyuna <3

  • shiri peled

    In this pic Hyuna

  • Benmoussa Wissam

    Mina is better hyuna have have fake Bob’s on it that way every one chose her

  • Benmoussa Wissam

    Her body is fake read the internet artical she did a Lott of surgeries

  • syalalala land

    Mina Is cute wearing that outfit even if that outfit kinda sexy.

  • Yuki mae

    Not all article is real

  • Gimmick

    Hyuna, I think her shorts are cuter. I don’t really care for the belt in Mina’s outfit.

  • 𝒵𝒾𝒶𝒽 ♡ 지우

    Hyuna is so beautiful in everything she wears T.T!

  • siwon speaks english

    hyuna period! whoever picked mina is tweakin