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Who wore it better? f(x)’s Amber, iKon’s Bobby, B.A.P’s Jongup, Hystory’s Kyungil

This edition of “Who wore it better” brings f(x)’s Amber vs. iKon’s Bobby vs. B.A.P’s Jongup vs. Hystory’s Kyungil. Pretty many stars to choose from. 🙂

So, let’s see who wore this hooded denim jacket, better. 🙂

Amber ( f(x) )
Amber wears the denim jacket with a black shirt underneath, a black pair of pants and a pair of white sneakers. She also has a black cap and a black bag, while her face is covered with a black face mask. As usually, she gives a sporty, tomboyish feel.

Bobby (iKON)
Bobby paired up the denim hoodie with a white shirt and a pair of denim shorts. He wears a gray and white striped cap to match the gray part of the hoodie and white sneakers, to match up with his shirt.

Jongup (B.A.P)
Jongup wears the denim hoodie with a pair of blue jeans, which have pieces of lighter denim applied on the upper part of the legs. He wears black sneakers, and sunglasses, which give him a bad boy aura.

Kyungil (History)
Kyungil wears the denim jacket with a dark blue and white shirt and dark blue pants. He wears white and pink sneakers, which add a bit of color to his outfit. His carefully arranged hairstyle gives him a stylish vibe.

Who wore it better? f(x)'s Amber, iKon's Bobby, B.A.P's Jongup, Hystory's Kyungil

So, what’s your opinion? Who wore it better out of the 4 stars? Feel free to comment below. 🙂

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  • Jia

    Kyungil gets my vote.

  • wery

    Amber rocks!

  • Mie

    I like how Jongup looks in this outfit.

  • Qery

    Kyungil got my vote this time

  • amery

    Amber owns it! go girl!

  • Louise

    Definitely bobby

  • RIss


  • Rina

    Your comment is so On Point! He really need to stop looking soo good XD

  • cristine castillo

    mine is between bobby and kyungil

  • fluffyjoy

    The polls aren’t working can you fix them please.

  • KProfiles

    We are sorry to hear that, please try again, we’ve done some additional changes and hopefully it was fixed.

  • sam UI

    I was scrolling down. I was really focusing. Then I bumped into Kyungil’s stare. Like, don’t do this to me oppa.

  • sam UI

    I can’t get over that stare. I feel like I’m naked. (A girl can dream.)

  • Emi

    I’m an IKONIC…..but I loved Kyungil’s outfit best

  • junhoeslut

    holy crap same

  • Wonhoe4LIFEU

    Amber unnie rocks rocks anything and everything 😍

  • Evelyn Smith

    Kyungil is such a visual

  • Uchiha Sarada


  • I had such a hard time choosing they all looked good in it. But I choosed Kyungil in the end xD

  • bambam’s_wife

    I can’t choose, so I won’t.

  • Kyungil and Amber!!

  • Teagan Freeman

    kyungil…. looks so edgy, emo boi….