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Who wore it better? 2NE1’s CL vs SNSD’s Yuri

Today’s ‘who wore it better’ fashion challenge brings face to face two beautiful ladies: 2NE1’s CL vs SNSD’s Yuri.
CL vs Yuri

Both CL and Yuri wore the same beautiful Burberry Women’s Black Fil-Coupé and Lace Shift Dress, which is part of the Burberry Prorsum Resort 2016 collection and costs €1595 (about $1830).

CL (2NE1)
CL wore the dress in the January issue of W Korea. She wore a strong, dark make-up, with an interesting hue of purple lipstick. Her hair is tied with an elegant ribbon which serves as necklace as well.

Yuri (SNSD)
Yuri wore the Burberry dress in the December issue of Elle. She posed against a mirrored wall inside Burberry’s newest store in Seoul. She chose to wear a simple, yet elegant ponytail and wore close to no accessories, the emphasis falling on the dress.

CL vs Yuri: who wore it better?

Out of the two, who wore better the fancy Burberry dress: CL or Yuri? Feel free to comment below.

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  • tamie

    CL! queen!

  • elly

    to me Yuri wore it better. she looks so elegant.

  • milkbunsehun

    this is hard, because CL looks tougher, but Yuri looks more elegant. I think elegancy goes to Yuri, but overall look goes to CL.

  • Sophiemj

    CL because she can support anything and give her signature to it!

  • Jay-ar Mantalaba Avila

    Yuri is the best
    cl better than Yuri

  • Uchiha Sarada