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What’s the best Kpop Girl Group Debut Song?

What’s your favorite Kpop Girl Group Debut Song?

Kpop Debut songs are considered as a mark of success of them despite on having different concepts. Some of these songs  became a hit, and some of these songs became a legend; while others gain only little attention.

Let us take a look of some kpop girl group debut songs:

Girls’ Generation – Into The New World

Kara – Break it

Wonder Girls- Irony

2NE1 – Fire

After School – AH

Secret – I want you back

Rainbow – Gossip Girl

4Minute _ Hot Issue

T-ara – Lies

f(x) – La Cha Ta

Sistar – Push Push

Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

9muses – No Playboy

Girl’s Day – Tilting my head

Brave Girls – Do You Know

Stellar – Rocket Girl

APink- I Don’t Know

Fiestar – Vista

AOA – Elvis

EXID – Whoz That Girl

Ladies’ Code- Bad Girl

Laboum – Pit-a-pat

Red Velvet – Happiness

Sonamoo – DeJa Vu

Mamamoo – Mr. Ambiguous

Lovelyz – Goodnight Like Yesterday

Gfriend- Glass Bead

DIA – Somehow

April – Dream Candy

Oh my Girl – Cupid

CLC – Pepe

Twice – Like OOH-AHH

BlackPink – Boombayah

I.O.I – Dream Girls


Gugudan – Wonderland

Momoland – JJan! Koong! Kwang!

Elris – We, First

Pristin – Wee Woo

Weki Meki – I don’t like your girlfriend




UNI.T – No More

Fromis_9 – To Heart

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Which is your favorite and the best kpop debut song? ( You can vote up to 3 songs)

Who do you think is the girl group that has the best kpop debut song? Feel free to comment below. 🙂