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Which is the best Kpop song of 2017? – Boy bands

Which is the best Kpop song of 2017? – Boy bands edition
In 2017, Kpop brought us a lot of amazing songs.

Let’s see which of the following Kpop song is the most popular. 🙂

B1A4 – Rollin’

BTOB – Missing You

B.A.P – Honeymoon

EXO – Kokobop

VIXX – Shangri- La


Got7 – Never Ever

Winner – Really Really

iKon – Bling bling

Pentagon – Like This

Astro – Crazy Sexy Cool

Monsta X- Dramarama

Seventeen – Don’t Wanna Cry

NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb

SF9 – Sole Mio

Up10tion – Runner

A.C.E – Cactus

Wanna One – Energetic

JBJ – Fantasy

Golden Child – Damdadi

Post by Sevenne

Which is the best Kpop song of 2017? – Boy bands

Which was the best Kpop song of 2017 (boy band edition), in your opinion?

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  • its Me Ashley

    people always be voting for BTS i mean im an ARMY but i like more2nd generation and “underrated” groups

  • Necole Sarmiento

    MONSTA X Dramarama is the best for me <3
    it is so LIT ! ! !

  • Luis Fernando


  • koushi

    why are there only 31 votes for Cactus.
    Yall stream Cactus.

  • Via Jones

    Damn, best for me would be DNA. I also voted for Dramarama and Never Ever lol I liked a lot of the others too tho like Cherry Bomb, Don’t Wanna Cry, Really Really ect ect (Problems of being a Multifan istg)

  • Via Jones

    Well a lot of people vote them bc they prefer the song over others that were listed, Nothing wrong with that~ They vote what they like…who can blame them lol I’m an ARMY-Multifan and I voted for them along with Monsta X and GOT7. I like some underrated groups too but this isn’t voting for the groups per-say but their song listed. Trust me if ASTRO’s 붙잡았어야 해 or Stray Kid’s Hellevator were listed I would’ve voted for those~ 💕😊

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    so happy to see dramarama at 2nd 😍

  • OH Suma


  • Annoying ChaCha

    these people really doesn’t have music taste, like seriously DNA? it’s a good song but it’s not the best

  • Queenie Piquero Eborda

    Go ASTRO!!!! Fighting!!!

  • Queenie Piquero Eborda

    Fight Astro!!!

  • marshmallow.chim

    I straight up spent 30 minutes here and still couldn’t decide… Ah the struggles of stanning literally every group on this list..

  • Queenie Piquero Eborda

    Fighting ASTRO!!!

  • kookie’s mochi-min

    Everyone has their own opinion. Don’t like it? Deal with it.

  • Necole Sarmiento

    Hi Hello Annyeong !!!
    Monbebes Fighting !!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Erkhem Jargal


  • Mehreen Enam

    ASTRO X AROHA Fighting! Keep up the good work! ^^

  • Kiara Yahola

    finally an intellectual

  • karina rainieri

    Astro we can do it! Fighting

  • karina rainieri

    Does anybody know when it will finish?

  • Hannah Yin

    Also a bop in 2017 – Hotshot’s Jelly

  • 娜安

    Astro ♥

  • bea 👑


  • Via Marie Pacaña Tan

    #Astro fighting #Aroha’s will not let you down saranghae😍😘

  • serenitae ✧

    I was surprised to see Astro beat BTS by at least 1000 votes o.o Arohas are really killing it!

    I voted for Really Really, DNA and Crazy Sexy Cool. They’re great songs 😀 Choosing 3 songs here was really difficult though because I saw my favourites right after another. I could’ve voted for Shangri La, Don’t Wanna Cry, Cherry Bomb, Never Ever, Ko Ko Bop, Dramarama, Sole Mio, Cactus and Fantasy ;-;

    Really Really gets me pumped up for the summer (I still enjoy it in the winter tho). DNA is good, but it’s not the best BTS title song out there (Run remains the best title song). Crazy Sexy Cool is pretty cool, all the members are so sexy it drives me crazy (sorry).

  • Rachel Mendez

    I feel you ;-;

  • Rachel Mendez

    I love cactus I vote for it

  • Honey10

    I voted for Shangri-La, Runner, and Cherry Bomb.Congrats to Aroha’s for taking the lead in this poll!!I wish more people voted for Up10tion :((

  • Elith Nias

    And now people even want to take away others right to vote just because you don’t agree with their choice? What century do you live in? People are really getting more and more backwards…

  • Kian V.I.P until whenever

    Aw yay! Well done Arohas!! (I’m not in the fandom but I do listen to Astro and I LOVE Crazy Sexy Cool). I voted for Shangri-La (VIXX is one of my UB groups), Crazy Sexy Cool, and Runner. I couldn’t believe how low Up10tion’s result was…. they deserve so much more recognition than they get!

  • Kian V.I.P until whenever

    No joke…. Runner is an amazing song!

  • No Name

    Not for so long 😉

  • No Name

    DNA is winning all the way sweeties 😉

  • Akane Hatsurai

    There is soooo many good songs…..IT WAS SOOO HARD TO DECIDE

  • let’s get it!


  • li

    i’m so happy oMG good job arohas!!

  • Ka-ching

    I am proud if you Arohas 💕 (I ain’t one myself, yet) But I honestly feel bad for B.A.P cuz Honeymoon is a bop

  • I’m a hardcore Army but i voted for Crazy Sexy Cool because, without bias, out of the list it is one of the best song of 2017 if we look at the lyrics+production+Choreography
    (I don’t mean that dna is bad either but I’m admitting to something that is true)

  • Honestly we didn’t do anything Astro did it themselves. They made such a beautiful song that people who don’t even bias them have to admit it💜

  • Yeriiii

    Lmfao I love this blind faith you have in bts, I love them too but DNA is definitely not the best song of 2017

  • Jael_Kah_2604

    BTS songs are very nice.They dance quite good

  • jaz

    like this by pentagon is a beautiful song and they are a beautifully talented group!!

  • Jung Kookie

    Can’t I vote 3 to 4 songs? It’s hard for me!!

  • 阮雪莲

    WOW ASTRO is killing it!! Even with BTS popularity and so many ARMYs, ASTRO has come and swooped in for the win. Amazing.

  • Corynn

    really tho
    tht was my favorite song for the longest

  • vixx, got7 and astro for sure

  • Christine Herbst

    DNA should be in first, with BTS’ amazing vocals, rapping, dancing, and just pure emotion.

  • User girl


  • woop

    dramarama should def be more popular tbh

  • Lili Brestenská

    Their vocals are not that good compared to others on this list (Daehyun from BAP, Taeil from NCT, Sungwoon and Jaehwan from Wanna One)
    Then, rap is kinda better, but still not the best (Bobby from Ikon, Chanyeol from EXO, NCT Taeyong, Mark and so on)

    And dance has plenty better options: ACE, W1, NCT,)
    And DNA is not that good of a song
    The only reason it is on top is beacuase there is shit ton of new ARMIES

  • Lili Brestenská


  • R Christine

    lots of amazing songs, so hard to choose. But i will remain loyal to GOT7 and Monsta X. I love BTS but I really love the song Like This by Pentagon. I ended up voting for Never Ever, Dramarama and Like This.😊

  • Taeyong Stan

    so you really wanna tell me that chanyeol is better than rm suga and jhope ? im not biased but bts has one of the best raplines and chanyeol is nothing compared to them ( chanyeol is my bias wrecker)

  • Lili Brestenská

    Well, Chanyeol trained longer and has more experience, but BTS has a good rapline (the only good quality, since vocals are unstable/unable to do highnotes)
    Yeah, I would call him slightly better, because sometimes BTS rapline cant catch their breath live. I can admit to some extent that RM and Jhope can be better (RM has the speed and JHope the stamina, Suga has the speed but lacks in some ways)
    But even if we take that into consideration, Taeyong and Mark can still beat them
    I do not hate BTS, because I am JHope biased myself, but I see more potential and talent in other groups

  • MemeJaebum FAM

    “Vocals are not stable and unable to do highnotes. Raplines trying to catch their breath during live stages.”Try watching Fake love’s mr remove and their live stages. Also watch Let Me Know and Boy in Luv’s live stages. Jimin can do highnotes duhhhhhh!!!! 🙄 Suga is famous for being top 9 fastest rapper in k-industry and also complimented by his breathless rap. And also RM rank 1st for being the best rapper of 3rd generation idols. Try searching frist before you judge

  • 이선징

    ah, will do then! in return, try watching taeil’s highnote compilation and maybe listen to some of 3RACHA’s mixtapes? bangtan may have one of the best raplines in the k-pop industry but, in all honesty, i see 3RACHA having more potential. nct touch’s mr removed is great as well as their other mr removed stages! i also reccommend watching stray kids’ live stages since their vocals are quite stable for having such a hard choreography. try searching first before you judge. <3

  • Lenka Nyan

    In return, try watching Btob’s songs and you’ll know the meaning of high notes and try watching 3RACHA since they are better than BTS rapline! I am also an army but i agreed that BTS actually not the best kpop boy band and they still lack in many ways, but since their music style are really unique they became really popular. But again I said, they are not the BEST kpop boy band! NO HATING JUST A OPINION BUT TRUE!

  • Rassi Sin

    To me “Spring Day” by BTS was the best one.
    My top3:
    “Spring day”
    “Don’t wanna cry” Seventeen
    “Really Really” Winner or ” Where you at” Nu’est W

  • Jennifer Harrell

    I personally love all of these groups, but I was a little disappointed when I did’t see N.R.G.. 20th Night was my favorite comeback of 2017, because it was their first comeback since 2005.

  • Eanzisa

    BAPs Honeymoon was such an amazing song, out of all of these, I fell in love with it instantly.
    And my top 3…
    1. Honeymoon
    2. Never Ever
    3. Fantasy
    But my personal favorite that’s not on this list is Limitless, one of the greatest kpop songs iv’e ever heard.

  • marissa syaz

    i am kinda offended

  • marissa syaz


  • eunwoo is a cutie

    Crazy sexy cool will forever remain iconic

  • winnie saleem

    ‘bts is CONSIDERED the best boy band in the world’ yes honey, it might be CONSIDERED as the best boy band but its NOT the best boy band in most people’s opinion.

  • sydney

    lmao don’t call me “honey”. If the world already knows that BTS is considered the best boy band in the world, then it is and you can’t really change that yourself.

  • Destiny

    Im multifandom and i cant choose 3 but i chose Astro, Seventeen and BTS, i love Crazy Sexy cool so much!! I cant wait for the new album!!

  • Dianece Sayre

    i dont know why these people are fighting for whom is the best of bests but im a freaking multifandomer and every group that you have mention are the groups that i stan so what’s the come? And one thing i stan bts ang exo at the same time and seeing an army-l comparing both the group’s capacity in singing, dancing, ang rapping is making my blood boil. And ya’ll got triggered cuz ur faves git mentioned by ‘those immature’ fans out there. Well everyone has a freedom of speech and they could say what ever they want to say but its theyre freaking OPINION ya’ll got triggered at one another’s OPINION. But what i really thought is why COMPARE!?!? Every group has potential at one freaking thing so why the fucking compare?! you can just state your fckin opinion at THAT group and NOT fckin COMPARE to other groups.
    btw, im not in one group’s side cuz as i said im a multifandomer and i dont give a fcking shit on comparing the groups that i stan to anither group. Every group has a specialty while Every fan should have loyalty.
    P.S. this is my opinion i dont really spread hate but if you find my comment like something rude then its okay to state your opinion. I just wanna clarify things in my side.
    P.S. and one thing please dont accuse me and say “mind your own business” but ya’ll are in a public website and anyone could have seen it and be triggered or smth.

  • Røse

    First of nobody said that bts is the best boy band in the world. For my opinion, bts is mostly popular on social media cause they won top social artiste twice but not artist of the year or song of the year ect… So i think that bts is a trend

  • Røse

    Idk how ppl consider bts rapline as rap gods. I dont think their like god level but they’re good at rapping.

  • Jimin Jinjin & E’dawn r babies

    honestly it was hard. I basically only stan 3 groups atm. BTS being my major one, along with astro and pentagon. but I really like seventeen’s don’t wanna cry too, oooof. alas i voted for DNA, like this and crazy sexy cool, obviously.

  • Ghelzy Romelle Sabug

    BTS is the best boyband not because the are talented, but becuase they are famous. This is not a judgment, but this is a FACT THAT BTS IS NOT THE BEST BOY GROUP IN THE KPOP INDUSTRY!.. If you’re a true Army, You should know that. Bts has a lot of Immature fans these days…

  • chaeyoung’s

    my votes go for shangri-la, honeymoon and dwc hands down

  • Jenny Wee

    my top three: shangri-la, like this and dramarama . why r they so down:((

  • Skyvic21

    Lol they just debuted not long ago 😂 . Its okay if you don’t ever heard them , it will just be your loss

  • Skyvic21

    You really can vote 3 😂

  • Kitty

    I voted
    jbj fantasy
    Paragon like this
    Golden child damdadi

  • sydney s.

    i never said BTS IS THE BEST GROUP O M G🤦🏻‍♀️ stop trying to create arguments it’s honestly annoying.

  • Yoonmin and Woozi trasheu

    i voted DNA but i also like dont wanna cry

  • exowot

    i really did not like crazy sexy cool, i dont understand the hype around it

  • rawoawr

    i love all of em
    THEY ARE ALL…. idk
    just out of my…. league? (duh)

    when u chose something…
    *smiles in pain*
    but then u regret it.. ooooooofffff

  • Lee Jade Sachi


  • meme

    dna really really and don’t wanna cry 2017 faves

  • Bloo ♡

    I didn’t think it would be that grand until I actually listened to it a couple of times. I listen to it all the time now lmao.

  • Bloo ♡

    I voted for sf9, jbj and got7. They’re my favorite. I miss Jbj ; ~ ;

  • jessa amodia

    i voted for astro

  • your_rap_is_like_HARBOUR_BRIDG

    Please remember that there’s a “sh*t ton of new ARMIES” with a reason 😊 We love them as an Artist.

    I’m fine – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGVjM8b3Xwo
    Ddaeng – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbSU1_SG91w ←This song is for you people <3 <3

  • Mini Master 8989

    Astro, GOT7 and SF9. O Sole Mio killed me, Never Ever was a god and Crazy Sexy Cool was everything

  • tanvi_dynamyx

    They’re angels who dropped from heaven.
    ARMY loves them not only because of their singing, rap, dance or looks but becauyse of their awesome personalities.
    Their songs are clean with heart touching and meaningful lyrics. DNA is one such example…..
    BTS forever!!!

  • TaeTaeTae

    kokobop is such a bop why is nobody talking about it?
    Also, all of these songs are so good HOW TO CHOOSE 3
    So I voted for iKON, BTS and EXO ❤

  • Lenka Nyan

    I know that I am no PRO but I knew someone who PRO! BOTH my parents are rap and vocal teacher. And all my sister graduated in music. They said it theirself! BTS is good but it’s more to trend. Bts got a big fanbase making them the greatest kpop idol. They are talented but at the same time they also lack in someway like other band too. Ent world are based on how big their fanbase are . The biggest the greatest they became. I hope you understand and try to like other band too… You’ll understand alot… Try the band that has a small fanbase. In someway they’re great.

  • Riko

    I think every person of every fandom loves their group for more than their roles too, not just army’s.

  • Ahgase

    no one can win if there’s BTS

  • ANOTHER hard BTS stan

    O Sole Mio was pure amazing art, Never Ever was something else, and Astro is, just fluffy 😋

  • Sophie Foster

    when you stan literally every group in the kpop industry, it’s hard to see bts go up on everything because literally, there is no fight when there’s bts. people need to open their eyes and realize that they aren’t the best thing that could happen to the world. i love them a whole lot, but they’re too popular. they deserve every single award, and every single part of their recognition, but they’re taking up the popularity of other artists who work just as hard or even harder. OPEN YOUR EYES AND STAN THE KPOP INDUSTRY, NOT JUST BTS

  • Sophie Foster

    1. mr removed is not completely accurate, as backtracks can be edited to be unable to be detected by mr removed
    2. high notes are high notes. watch chen doing high notes of monster. those are high notes.
    3. suga whispering will appear in my nightmares.
    4. i don’t hate bts. i really don’t. i just hate most of their fans.
    5. no kpop idol has less talent than another. they just do different things

  • Sophie Foster


  • Sophie Foster

    technically, these are called opinions for one. and two, i don’t think there are professionals who dedicate themselves to fanwars between KPOP FANS, and BTS FANS. because those are two completely different things

  • Sophie Foster

    they aren’t the best. no one ever said that, because it’s debatable. they are the MOST POPULAR. listen carefully. MOST POPULAR. most popular doesn’t mean BEST.

  • Sophie Foster

    um are you sure, because all i can see is you trying to state illogical, unreasonable, non-valid facts that will never be facts. because BTS is NOT the best boy-band in any sense, NO boy band is. they all lack in different ways

  • Jordan


  • Jordan

    Missing You was such a good song too!

  • Sophie Foster

    ok, here’s the thing honey. bts’ rap line is a freaking lit hot mess. however, chanyeol is a freaking lit hot mess, even though he’s nowhere close to being my bias. and to be completely, utterly, brutally honest with you and every other army that exists, bts’ rap line is great. but can be better. rm has speed and stamina, jhope has stamina, suga has speed, they are incredible. BUT YOU WANNA TELL ME THAT CHANYEOL IS NOTHING COMPARED TO BTS’ RAP LINE, I WILL DIG YOUR GRAVE.

  • Jannet San

    I have to say that pls just forget which fandom you are coming from and just enjoy yourself in the world of kpop. There are too many band now and each of them are really paying a lit of hard work in their album and everything. Just like BTS, all of them have their own sad story behind their way to become a singer. Don’t focus just on BTS because they are famous. I didn’t bash them,I do approve them as a very good korean boy band and they have open a way for korean artist to Europe site and all around the world. Just to say that there are still a lot of band that paid a lot of hardwork and deserve approval for the hardwork paid. I don’t hope that some band get approval and receive award just because they are famous and they have a lot of fans. Fans shouldn’t be the measure of their hardwork but their song and album should be the measure as well.

  • sydney s.

    still talking about this? i’m over it, i don’t want to argue anymore. idc it’s your opinions anyways so i’m just going to let it be. have a nice day

  • sydney s.

    if they are called opinions, why can’t i have an opinion that i think bts is a good band. i never even said bts is the best band and y’all are attacking me? i’m confused?

  • sydney s.

    in MY opinion, out of all the groups i’ve heard and seen so far, bts is the best in MY opinion. that’s it.

  • sydney s.

    there’s a reason they’re popular, you know. they aren’t just popular because you think armys are crazy fans who only like bts for their looks. they have meaningful songs that teach us so much and they work so hard.

  • sydney s.

    just a trend? what about ALL the other awards that they’ve won? you’re talking about the awards they’ve won in america. and that’s just billboard. they won group of the year at people’s choice awards, disney, and etc. they did a speech at UN, they’re the next generation leaders in TIMES magazine, and more. i really don’t think bts is just a trend.. but that’s your opinion ig

  • sydney s.

    why are you comparing singers/groups? don’t do that. everyone is different. you already seem to hate bts you know, saying who can sing “high notes” and not bts, also saying who’s better to you. you’re telling me all these things on what to do, but honestly you’re just even worse. there’s no point in hating bts’ fans. army actually has done so much, like donating blood for people and other things like that. you’re just pointing out those young immature fans and those toxic fans in the bts fandom. not all of them are like that. armys that are my friends are so caring, kind, and supportive. you’ve never just been in the fandom to experience that.

  • sydney s.

    other kpop groups and artists haven’t even gotten the top social artist. winning the top social artist is a BIG DEAL you know. it’s amazing bts achieved that. and it’s not just from social media. why would bts get the top social artist award? because it’s the many fans that helped them get that award, it’s not from social media.

  • sydney s.

    ofc they lack in different ways. they’re humans, no one’s perfect. what group do you like so passionately that you’re trying to bash me like that? i’m literally stating my opinion that i think bts is the best group, people just don’t see that in their eyes. in my eyes, and in MY opinion, i find them the best group. what’s so wrong with that??

  • sydney s.

    plus this was months ago. why do you care so much about my opinion? you should’ve just left this argument alone. if i seemed foolish, gosh i’m sorry but i don’t think i did anything wrong. i learned more about kpop during these months, and i’m not saying or comparing anyone specifically with bts. so please don’t make such a big of a deal about this.

  • zaniyah jackson


  • Millie


  • Libby Park (park97)

    why couldnt we just flippin get along

  • Libby Park (park97)

    ah so true. honestly, im an ARMY, but i don’t care who’s better. all KPOP groups are good, because you can tell that they put their everything into what they do. personally, i like bts because i think they’re talented. but monsta x, stray kids, seventeen, exo, any other group, i love them all the same, i’m just a stan of bts.
    …I don’t get why there’s so many fanwars, what’re we trying to prove? that our group is better? if we’re trying to do that, then we should all do it in better ways. if other fans think their idol is great, then they should just know that at this rate, they might end up hating on other groups more than actually appreciating their group. smh. why can’t we all just get along?

  • Echa NQ

    I’m not taking anyone’s sides but I’m sorry for saying this. I think the other korean boybands should be the one who find their way to take our interests. Just like BTS with their WINGS album. That’s not our fault that we only know ‘the one who’s famous now’.
    😊 Sorry~~ I really am..😅

  • May

    I’m an Army but I voted for Astro’s Crazy Sexy cool because I love the song & it’s video way more than DNA. My second favourite song is energetic by Wanna one. So these two songs are in my top list ❤️

  • Olivia Mathison

    i am seeing this again where people only vote for bts because thats their bias group

  • YoonTaeKyung

    O Sole Mio, Cactus, and Honeymoon deserves more recognition smh

  • Lia Giba

    I wish they mentioned BAP Wake Me Up in there that song was epic

  • Levi’s girl

    Missing you was a whole bop! I’m an Army but I voted for missing you.

  • Levi’s girl

    Girl that’s true, BTS are the ones who introduced me to kpop and gave me a chance to look for other groups. Key word- “look for other groups” coz no matter how much you deny, you’ll come to know abt other groups aside from BTS in a couple of days. In kpop fandom, everyday I’m introduced to new groups and new talents so I completely disagree with “it’s not our fault that we follow the one’s who’re famous now” coz dude, I’m not telling you to not follow BTS but atleast acknowledge other groups coz there are a lot of talented groups which needs a chance.

  • YoonTaeKyung

    do u want the other groups members to beg you to stan them? If u don’t want to stan them it’s fine but don’t come to a fkin KPOP poll cuz KPOP has SO many group sand not just BTS so you should know many KPOP groups to vote.

  • squishy min yoongi

    isn’t that the point, they are voting for the song THEY THINK was the best, it’s THEIR OPINION. They may think that is the best because they might not know any other song because they only stan BTS and haven’t heard any of the other songs yet. Of course they are going to vote for their bais group ( unless you stan other groups).

  • Stiffany Benlota Raso

    Don’t wanna Cry is one of the Best song I’ve ever heard!