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What Is Your Favorite K-POP Song Containing The Word ‘Beautiful’?

What is your favorite K-POP song containing the word ‘Beautiful’?

Beautiful can be described as pleasing the mind or the senses aesthetically. In the realm of K-POP, the word has been used almost a dozen times, and seems to be a favorite among various artists. The word can refer to someone’s personality, visuals, or outlook, etc.

Woosung’s Beautiful Girl
ONEUS’ Life is Beautiful
Youngjae’s Beautiful
ONF’s Beautiful Beautiful
Wooseok’s Always Difficult Always Beautiful
NOIR’s Beautiful
HEIZE’s Falling Leaves Are Beautiful
Super Junior-D&E’s Beautiful Liar
Lee Eunsang (ft. Park Woojin)’s Beautiful Scar
UP10TION’s Beautiful
CHEN’s Beautiful Goodbye
MONSTA X’s Beautiful
Crush’s Beautiful (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God OST)
TARGET’s Beautiful
Eddy Kim’s You Are So Beautiful
VERIVERY’s Beautiful-x
Baekhyun’s Beautiful (EXO NEXT DOOR OST)
BEAST’s Beautiful Night
VICTON’s Beautiful
Narachan (M.O.N.T)’s Beautiful Sunday
B1A4’s Beautiful Target
JAMIE’s Stay Beautiful
PENTAGON’s Beautiful
Kim Wooseok’s Beautiful
Wanna One’s Beautiful
Junsu’s You Are So Beautiful (Scent of a Woman OST)
SF9’s Beautiful Light
JUNE (ft. Gaho, Moti, Jung Jin Woo)’s Beautiful
DONGKIZ’s Beautiful
Stella Jang & Lee Minhyuk’s Beautiful Mint Life
Heart B (ft. Andup)’s Beautiful
MONSTA X’s Beautiful Night
Amber Liu’s Beautiful
SEVENTEEN’s Beautiful
Punch & GLABINGO’s Beautiful Beautiful (The Best Hit OST)
DAY6’s You Were Beautiful
DPR IAN’s So Beautiful
MCND’s Beautiful
YESUNG’s Beautiful Night
Highlight’s It’s Still Beautiful
iKON’s Beautiful
PENTAGON’s Beautiful Goodbye
SF9’s So Beautiful
UP10TION’s So Beautiful
SF9’s Life Is So Beautiful
Hi-L’s Beautiful Night
EXO’s Beautiful
SHINee’s Beautiful
SHINee’s Beautiful Life
VIXX LR’s Beautiful Liar
NELL’s Beautiful Jeopardy
NCT 2021’s Beautiful
RGP (ft. 10cm)’s Beautiful Girl
Park Soyeon’s Beautiful Night

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What is your favorite K-POP song containing the word 'Beautiful'? (You can choose 10)

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