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Who is the best Main Vocalist (Rookie Girl Group)

Who is the best Main Vocalist (Rookie Girl Group)
Who is the best in your opinion?


Cherry Bullet’s Bora

Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon

Cherry Bullet’s Mirae


fromis_9’s Hayoung

fromis_9’s Jiwon

(G) I-DLE’s Minnie

(G) I -DLE’s Miyeon

GWSN’s Seoryoung

ITZY’s Lia

IZ*ONE’s Yuri

LOONA’s Chuu

LOONA’s HaSeul

Made by: SoulEmperor19

Who is the best Main Vocalist (Rookie Girl Group)

Who is the best Main Vocalist? (You can vote up to 3)

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  • felipe grin§

    HaeYoon is the best

  • mai 麦

    PinkFantasy’s Yechan!!!

  • T______T

    lena & minnie are lead vocals

  • Lily Perez

    The fact that Haseul isn’t un the top 5 shows y’all are hella biased

  • yechan

    YECHAN pink fantasy definitely

  • Amelia

    Lia is by far the weakest main vocalist because judging from their debut performances she was struggling more than the other members of her group. I don’t know about the future but if she still manages to be in top 4 then it is really pitiful.

  • Durratun Nasihah

    But I think the top 5 should be:

    1. Yuri
    2. Chuu
    3. Haseul
    4. Mia
    5. Miyeon

    Lia is the weakest I think but Loona should get more recognization from Korean…..

  • Durratun Nasihah

    Minnie is main vocalist… Go check their kprofiles

  • Durratun Nasihah

    I think you’re right. Lia should practice more to her vocal

  • Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad

    Top 5 imo

    1. Chuu
    2. Yuri
    3. HaSeul
    4. Jiwon
    5. Bora

  • ChuuPenguin

    Top 5 IMO
    1.Chuu (she’s not called Chuuriah Carey for no reason definitely the best this gen)
    2. HaSeul (My underrated opera singer, her highnotes are higher than my grades)
    3. Seoryoung (very very very underrated ya’ll should check her singing live in one of their performance, definitely top 3)
    4. Bora (Cherry Bullet’s 1st Main Vocal, when we all thought that Haeyoon was the best BOOM! Bora reaching that High Note in their Live Dance Cover of ITNW was so good, Her voice is so clear and powerful)
    5. Haeyoon (Produce 48’s best Vocalist, knetz were dumb to not let her debut but atleast she’s in cherry bullet now, Very powerful vocal right there

  • Miyo Chan!

    I voted for Haeyeon, Yuri and Chuu

  • T______T

    these aren’t always accurate haha and if she were they’d have two main one lead three sub which doesn’t make sense

  • Ana Clara Freitas

    in fact, Lia looks to be very good singer, she may not be the best of this generation, but she’s definitely not the “weakest by far” as you said. It’s still not possible to measure her vocal quality, especially considering that we only have a pre-debut video of her (which actually really amazing, go see it if you haven’t seen yet), Dalla Dalla, which is totally out of her range and she had to force her voice to sing that refrain in falsetto, that’s why she was struggling in them lives stages, and Want It?, where she just had one line and it was a rap one, so measuring her voice with that little material is quite wrong. Let’s give her time to show us her real talent.

  • Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad

    It was confirmed in their debut that Minnie was also introduced as a Main Vocal with Miyeon skip at 41:25

  • Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad

    Another time where Minnie was also introduced as a Main Vocal


    jiwon is so underrated

  • fra🦋

    Not being stable doesn’t mean that she’s a bad singer. It’s normal that she’d struggle to sing while dancing a hard choreography like Dalla Dalla’s. She’s a great vocalist when she just sings

  • Kelif Powdar

    She was super good since sixteen

  • Ario Febrianto

    I’m still love the fromis_9 main vocal lines hehe

  • felipe grin§

    GWSN’s Lena?

  • azam

    I think they are. It’s just that the companies don’t really treat them like one especially the former one. Lena so far hasn’t really belted out. Has she ever performed solo song in radio shows?

  • azam

    Seoryoung is underrated. I know she can do more. Where’s Lena’s pic???

  • T______T

    minnie definitely could be a main vocal but she’s a lead, lena i’m not sure about

  • T______T

    she actually didn’t have to go into falsetto for dalla dalla but she was told to do it. either way, she’s a good singer although not the best of this group.

  • T______T

    yechan & haseul are the best (but they have different strengths)… then seoryoung, mia, chuu, fromis’s 2 mains, then chebul’s 3 mains, lia, miyeon, yuri probably

  • Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad

    It was already confirmed by their company that Minnie is a Main Vocal

  • Jaca Faca

    she hasn’t showed us her potential yet,but she is 4th on the poll?!

  • Kuroishi

    As unbiased as I can be

    Chuu, Jiwon, Haeyoon, Miyeon, and Yuri stand out more with their voices.

  • Soyeon is a cutiepie

    <3 <3 <3

  • fufufu

    As much as I love the top 5, I have to say that Bora is very underrated. She’s by far one of my most favorite vocalists among all the rookies.

  • Yasmine Sultan

    I voted for Yuri, Chuu and Haeyoon!

  • Mai Winter

    Yuri is the best!

  • taewoo26


  • Yejin

    Miyeon ❤

  • just another jhoe

    I’m really surprised to see Miyeon in the Top3…..I don’t believe that she is even good enough to compete with Yuri, Bora and Haeyoon. Same goes to Lia. Actually Lia seems to be the weakest vocalist on this list (I’m not familiar with GSWN though!). That’s what I think at least

  • ChuuPenguin

    Tru no offense to miyeon tho (she my bias). GWSN’s Main Vocal is also very good you should watch their performances she usually sings live

  • ChuuPenguin

    Chuu in 3rd just wow

  • She should be on top, but Yuri is also great.

  • In Malay

    Actually haeyoon can beat yuri

  • Chanhee porcelain

    In the votes its appear lena of gwsn but theres not picture of her

  • ChuuPenguin

    Im not hating on Yuri but yes, Haeyoon is way better. Haeyoon was actually considered the best vocalist in Produce48

  • Hwini

    You should add Pinkfantasy’s Yechan for sure. Pinkfantasy is also a rookie group known for their vocals.

  • AikoSnow

    Yup Haeyoon can beat yuri, and we know that chuu is the best rookie group main vocal but this is vote, so this is more like the most popular Rookie group Main vocal then The best Rookie group Main vocal

  • Mai Winter

    Why is Miyeon 2nd. Chuu, Haseul beat her. Yall biased

  • Fahr.rich01

    I Think when idol school held we all know that Jiwon vocal quality more good tha Yuri

  • Imma fans’ antis

    yuri’s vocal skills is on another level. her power, high note or low note, adlib, harmonization, emotion are legendary

  • Imma fans’ antis

    what are y’all talking about? they are litterally have different style. i love both tho, and haeyoon is my top pick at vocalist. but they are the best at their own styles.

  • Minju and Hangyul Supremacist

    lol at Seoryoung being so low
    You guys really didn’t hear Pinky Star’s adlibs

  • Minju and Hangyul Supremacist
  • lume

    I always think about that too