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Wang Ke Profile

Wang Ke (王珂) is a Chinese member of the groups Gen1es and AIM. She ranked #6 on the show CHUANG ASIA THAILAND. She also competed on the survival show Produce 48.

Birth Name: Wang Ke (王珂/วังเค)
Birthday: November 5, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 167 cm (5’6″)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Chinese
Instagram: @chuangasia_wangke
TikTok: @chuangasia_wangke
Weibo: 创造营亚洲-王珂

Wang Ke Facts:
– She was born in Hunan, Hubei, China.
– She received 49,290,773 points in the finale, making her rank #6.
– She is a member of the Chinese girl group AIM. They debuted in 2023.
– Wang Ke is a former member of the pre-debut group, HOWZ.
– She is still close with HYBE trainee Choi Jihyun, who was also in HOWZ.
– Wang Ke was on Produce 48. She was eliminated in Episode 8, at rank #56.
– Hobbies: Watching dramas and cooking.
– She went to school with Xilinnaiyi Gao (Curley) of BonBon Girls 303.
– Wang Ke can speak Chinese, English, and Korean.
EVERGLOW‘s Yiren is her friend; throughout Produce 48 their friendship nickname is “Wang Sisters”.
– Quote: “Always no regret.”
– Her favorite color is pink.
Company: Independent.

Introduction Stage: TOP KILLER “JACKPOT
Introduction Evaluation Rank: 32nd – B (47 points)
Theme Song Reevaluation: A
Episode 2 Rank: 22nd
First Stage: FIRE ROSES “7 rings” (MVP/WIN)
Episode 3 Rank: 16th (+6)
Episode 4 Rank: 12th (+4)
Episode 5 Rank: 22nd (-10)
Position Battle: I DO “DO YOU?” (WIN)
Episode 6 Rank: 5th (+17)
Episode 7 Rank: 3rd (+2)
Cooperation Stage: Nightkiller “Dum Dum
Episode 8 Rank: 4th (-1)
Episode 9 Rank: 4th (=)
Debut Night Stage: Into The New World
Special Unit Group: Say Yes
Ranking: 22 – 16 – 12 – 22 – 5 – 3 – 4 – 4 – 6

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