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Umi (Aikome!) Profile and Facts

Umi (Aikome!) Profile and Facts

Umi (우미/うみ) is a member of the live idol group Aikome! based in South Korea.

Official Accounts:
Twitter: @S2umi_S2 / @umi_2222_
TwitCasting: @S2umi_S2
Naver Blog: 언더더씨 (@umi_s2_)

Stage Name: Umi (우미/うみ)
Full Name: –
Positions: –
Birthday: May 28
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 164-5 cm
Weight: –
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: Cupcake (🧁)
Representative Color: Purple

Umi Facts:
– Her hashtags are #우마우미(#UmiUmi), #우미테(#Umi-Te), and #우미노미(#UmiNomi)
– She wears both lenses and glasses.
– She doesn’t play games a lot.
– The part of the body she’s most confident in are her eyelashes.
– She prefers candy over chocolate but still likes chocolate.
– She likes animals.
– Her favorite flowers are a type of roses that bloom near her birthhday.
– She hates mosquitos.
– She doesn’t watch a lot of TV.
– If she had 1 million Won she would travel.
–  She usually eats 2-3 meals a day.
– The thing she wants to do if she becomes a soul is protect her family.
– If she could choose a superpower she would choose teleportation, or infinite momey.
– The 3 things she would take with her to a deserted island are: a knife, a magnifying glass, and water.
– Her favorite place to be is home.
– Her favorite word is 바보(Stupid).
– When she goes to karaoke she usually chooses a Pokémon song.
– Her favorite actress is Han Sohee.
– She likes sweet dessert-like bread.
– Some of her favorite foods are: vegetable tripe, tteokbokki, hotpot (tomato soup), pizza, hamburger, takoyaki, ramen, quesadilla, tanghulu, yakgwa, and pasta.
– One of her habits is biting her lips.
– Her favorite season is spring.
– She’s a night owl.
– She watches a lot of beauty Youtubers.
– Her favorite color is purple.
– She doesn’t like Mint chocolate chip ice cream.
– Shoe size: 240~5
– Her Life Motto is “The pain that doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”
Umi’s Ideal Type: Someone like a puppy, someone with a pretty smile, someone with pretty eyes.

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