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Naoru (Aikome!) Profile and Facts

Naoru (Aikome!) Profile and Facts

Naoru (나오루/なおる)
is a member of the live idol group Aikome! based in South Korea.

Official Accounts:
Twitter: @Naoru_S2
TwitCasting: @Naoru_S2
Twitch: @naoru_s2
Naver Blog: 노랗고 동글동글 (@naoru_)

Stage Name: Naoru (나오루/なおる)
Full Name:
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: Pancake (🥞)
Representative Color: Yellow

Naoru Facts:
– Nicknames: 나오숭(Naosung), 오랑이(Orangi), and 오루(Oru)
– Her hashtags are #나오루나오셈(#NaoruNaosem) and #나오루마니머글거야(#NaoruManiMeogeulgeoya)
– She likes Cinnamoroll from Sanrio
– There’s a store that sells waffles thats 30 minutes from her house but she goes there daily.
– Her favorite games are Pokèmon, and Stardew Valley.
– She works part-time at a bakery.
– Her signature is supposed to depict a pancake with butter on top and cream underneath.
– According to her she sees the members more than her own family.
– She lives with her Parents.
– She rarely takes pictures in natrual light.
– Her favorite book is Matilda.
– She always wears perfume that smells sweet.
– Her favorite brand is Häagen-Dazs.
– She’s a clumsy and sensitive person so she likes when people take good care of her.
– Her favorite number is 190 because in Aimyon’s song “You Don’t Listen to Rock” one of the lines is “僕の心臓のBPMは190になったぞ(my heart beats at 190 bpm when I see you)”
– She has a playlist of songs she listens to regularly.
– Her favorite drink is a Starbucks Mint Choco with a lot of whipped cream on top.
– She likes all kinds of fruits.
– She thinks the best day of the week is Wednesday.
– Her favorite actor is Jun Shison.
– She has a cat named Rio, Rio’s birthday is may 5th.
– Her favorite place to travel is Japan because it’s close to Korea and the desserts are delicious.
– If she was a writer she would want to write a calm fairytale where the main character is a Fruit Bat.
– She likes when it’s bright outside.
– Her favorite food is Omurice.
– Her favorite author is Stephen King.
– She likes the Movie ‘Ponyo’.
– If she was a Movie Director she would want to make a Cat documentary.
– She hates rain and bugs.
– She doesn’t believe in ghosts or the afterlife.
– A snack she eats regularly is ice cream.
– She likes writing with scented highlighters.
– She’s cheated a couple times while taking English vocabulary tests in school.
– When saving money she ends up buying weird stuff.
– She thinks the chicken came before the egg.
– One of her hobbies is drawing while listening to music.
– She’s not religious.
– Her Motto is “Let’s live doing what we want to do”
– Her role model is 히나뿌(Hinappu).
– She’s never benn to a buffet alone.
– The dish she’s most comfortable cooking is ramen.
– She doesn’t believe in fortune telling.
– One of her personal talents is that she can make a Mario falling sound.
– Her favorite word is Dumpling.
– She’s been told she resembles the pokèmon ‘Fidough’.
– She tends to cry when angry.
– She enjoys watching horror movies with all the lights of.
– A food she doesn’t like are Peas.
– If she could choose a Super power she would choose Teleportation.
– Something she’s interested in studying is how to cure Dopamine Addiction.
– She enjoys spending time alone.
– Two compliments she enjoys getting are “Cute” and “Lovely”.
– Her closest friends are the other members of Aikome!
– She feels cool when on stage.
– When she feels depressed she sleeps, or when she can afford it, she eats something Delicious.
– On Youtube she mainly watches Animal Videos, Cooking Videos, and Mukbangs.
– She regularly watches the Youtuber ‘かきくけkotty《矯正ちゃん🦷》’.
– She collects Pokèmon cards.
– Specialty: She learns fast.

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