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Sena (Aikome!) Profile and Facts

Sena (Aikome!) Profile and Facts

Sena (세나/せな) is a member of the live idol group Aikome! based in South Korea.

Official Accounts:
Twitter: @s3na_s2
Twitcasting: @s3na_s2
Tistory Vlog: 星愛, 세나입니다 (@se1na)

Stage Name: Sena (세나/せな)
Full Name:
Birthday: May 1
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 167cm
Weight: 5x kg
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: Tropical Drink (🍹)
Representative Color: Sky Blue

Sena Facts:
– She’s from Gyeonggi, South Korea.
– Her hashtags are #세끼먹나 (#EatThreeMeals), #술좀세나 (#SuljomSena), and #세나있냐 (#IsThereASena)
– She has a younger brother.
– She doesn’t read a lot but when she does she usually reads mystery novels.
– She likes sweet fruity scents and soapy scents, when it comes to perfume.
– Her favorite numbers are 3 and 13.
– She’s the oldest member of Aikome!
– Her favorite color is light blue or just most blue-based colors.
– She enjoys music that has exciting melodies but that also has sad lyrics.
– She likes soft fruits like peaches, strawberries, grapes, and plums.
–Her favorite phrase is “カメラに写る星の光跡 (The rays of starlight caught on camera)”
– She doesn’t enjoy watching movies.
– When it’s raining she enjoys ordering green onion pancakes and some makgeolli.
– There’s a Cafè in front of her house where she often goes to.
– When she gets married she wants to go to somewhere that has a beautiful sea for her honeymoon.
– According to her, her biggest advantage when seducing the opposite sex is that she’s cute.
– She doesn’t cry often.
– Her favorite place is the butcher shop near her house.
– The longest period of time she’s slept is 23 hours and the shortest is 30 minutes.
– She doesn’t like doing the dishes.
– According to her she doesn’t have any male friends.
– In second grade she raised Hermit crabs.
– She wants to live till age 67, 78, or 87.
– She hates Summer.
– In school her least favorite subjects were English and any kind of Science, and her favorite subject was Math.
– She doesn’t like cold noodles or bananas.
– She usually wakes up between 1-3 PM.
– Some of the music genres she likes are J-Pop, Female idol songs, and Vocaloid.
– She currently lives somewhere in Seoul, South Korea.
– She’s interested in learning Japanese.
– Her most used app is Twitter.
– She usually eats 1-2 meals a day.
–She prefers calling because texting for a long time hurts her hands.
– Her favorite side dishes are seaweed, egg rolls, and grilled spam.
– She doesn’t like Mint Chocolate ice cream.
– She doesn’t enjoy watching horror, thirller or any movies with blood/gore.
– Her shoe size: 240

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