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Terashima Yufu Profile & Facts

Terashima Yufu Profile & Facts

Terashima Yufu (寺嶋由芙) is a Japanese solo idol singer and a former member of the group BiS. She released her first solo single #Yuflight in February 2014, after graduating from BiS 10 months earlier. She is currently under Dear Stage and releases with the label of Teichiku Records. Since April 2020, she is also a member of a self produced idol duo simpαtix (シンパティクシュ) with Takai Tsukina (高井つき奈).

Name: Terashima Yufu (kanji: 寺嶋由芙 hiragana:てらしまゆふ katakana: テラシマ ユフ)
Nickname: Yuffie (ゆっふぃー)
Birthday: July 8, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Western: Cancer, Eastern: Goat
Home Prefecture: Chiba
Height: 161 cm (5’3″)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @yufu_terashima
Youtube: 寺嶋由芙
Professional Twitter: @terashima_yufu
Personal Twitter: @yufu_0708
simpatix twitter@simp_tix

Yufu facts:
– She claims to be a serious idol
– She does not have good memories from her time in BiS. She didn’t get along with other members and didn’t like the group’s activities
– She loves plush animals, kigurumi and mascot characters
– Graduated from Waseda University, majoring in Japanese language and literature
– Loves pandas
– Her image color in simpatix is blue. It was also blue when she was in BiS. Pink is her favorite color, but she kept blue as her image one throughout her career
– She was a big fan of Morning Musume when she was a child
– She was one of the only 3 solo idols (not counting 2D idols) performing at Tokyo Idol Festival 2020, the most important Japanese idol event, the rest being idol groups and units
– Despite being almost 30, she continues to use typical idol themes such as school and first love

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