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Majiko Profile and Facts

Majiko Profile and Facts
Majiko (まじ娘) is a Japanese soloist who is a singer-songwriter. She helps with composing and arranging of her own songs. She is under the label “Universal Music Japan”. Majiko made her first public appearance with a cover on Nico Nico Douga in 2010.

Birth Name:
Stage Name: Majiko (まじ娘)
Birthday: October 28, 1992
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 164 cm
Website: majiko.net
Instagram: _majiko_
Twitter: majakoja
Staff Twitter: majiko_staff
Facebook: majikoofficial
Tumblr: majikokoko
Line: @Majiko
Youtube: @Majiko
Spotify: @Majiko
Apple Music:@Majiko
Music Line: @Majiko
Nico Nicoまじ娘

Majiko Facts:
-Her music genre is ‘Jpop’, alternative rock, electronica and indie.
– Her mom was a vocalist/vocal trainer who influenced her heavily.
– She grew up listening to rock, soul, jazz and sometimes folk music.
– She posted her own song for the first time on nico nico in June 2010.
– She mainly writes the lyrics, compose and arrange her own songs.
– She also handles illustrations for goods and jackets.
– She loves to draw herself as a lemon and her friends and/or her boyfriend as skeleton(s) on her tumblr.
– She’s an unusually shy girl herself that’s why she looks down most of the time during stages because she can’t stand people staring at her if she looks back and sees them looking at her.
– Her label EXIT TUNES (2014-2016) became a subsidiary of Pony Canyon because of that she sign with Pony Canyon for one year(2017) to later change to Universal Music Japan (2018-present).
– In December 2013, she attended ETA (EXIT TUNES ACADEMY), a very famous live event, and her talented singing surprised not only the audiences but also the other artists and staff.
– In April 2015, her major debut album “Contrast” was released, composed by Horie Atsushi, a member of “Straightener”, and arranged by Mikito-P.
-June 2015, she held her first one-man live at Tokyo Kinema Club. The tickets were sold out.
– In November of the same year (2015) she released her first single and album mirror with Atsushi Horie as producer.
– January 2016, she released her second album Magic [通常盤], which also featured Atsushi Horie, he wrote the lyrics for more than half of the songs on the album.
– From January to February 2016, she held her second one-man live at Shinsaibashi Music Club JANUS in Osaka and LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo.
– In December of 2016, her one-man live “Cloud 7” was held at Shibuya WWW, Tokyo.
– Her first mini album CLOUD 7 was released in February 2017.
– She also participated in the song “Winter Sun” ( 冬の太陽) of the album  Pause by Straightener Tribute released in October of the same year (2017).
– She held another one-man live at Tokyo and Shibuya WWW X and Osaka and Shinsaibashi JANUS in December 2017
– Her second mini album AUBE was released on March 7, 2018. Mobile FC “zikka” started on the same day. She held a 3-man release tour in Higashimeihan
– In April 2018, she participated in the live concert of Tangible Rampage. As guest vocals, she performed on the stage of Straightener’s “Winter Sun” in “ARABAKI ROCK FEST. 2018”.
– Later released as her 1st single on July 4 2018, “Cracked World”(ひび割れた世界), was used as the theme song for June Tokai Television and Fuji Television’s adult drama “Limited Estates” starring Shiro Sano.
– She held another one-man live event during November 2018 named “majiko one man LIVE -Come on, LIVE or Regret-” at Shibuya WWW.
– Her EP COLOR was released on January 23, 2019. TV Tokyo “Goddotan “’s February ending theme “Kuruoshii Hodo Boku ni wa Utsukushii” ( 狂おしいほど僕には美しい)
was composed and produced by Michael Kaneko, and “Scratch the world” was a product of collaboration with GAGLE.
– Also on the same day, the OP of anime The Price of Smiles “Ega Onokanata” (エガオノカナタ)  by Chiho feat. majiko was released.
– From January 26 2019, majiko presented “new EP “COLOR” Release Party ~ Come on, LIVE or Regret ~“ which was held at Umeda Zeela, Nagoya ell FITS ALL, and Tokyo Kinema Club.
– On March 13th 2019, she collaborated with CIVILIAN in his EP Kaikou No Gozen Reiji, (or Encounter at midnight ) on his song “Bokurano Shouninsenso”.
– She performed as a secret guest on “ROCKIN ‘QUARTET vol.3 ~ Atsushi Horie (Straightener) & NAOTO QUARTET ~” (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka).
– She released her new single on April 17th of 2019 named “Spring, Koisakura.”「春、恋桜。」 .
– In June 2019 she was in charge of the Netflix anime 7SEEDS’s ED theme “WISH”.
– On June 19th, three years and five months after her last album, she released her third full album, Lonesome People are the Greatest. (寂しい人が一番偉いんだ).
– From June 22nd, “majiko PRESENTS” Lonesome people are the greatest “RELEASE TOUR ~ SALUTE YOUR LONELINESS ~” was held at Shibuya WWW X, Nagoya APOLLO BASE and Osaka MUSE and from August, the acoustic tour “majiko PRESENTS“ Lonesome people are the greatest ”RELEASE TOUR ~ SALUTE YOUR LONELINESS ~ JakuNatsu 2019” was held at eight locations nationwide.
– In October 2019, she performed her first Chinese one-man live tour, “majiko PRESENTS“ Lonesome people are the greatest ”RELEASE TOUR ~ SALUTE YOUR LONELINESS ~ in CHINA” in Shanghai Modern SKY LAB, Beijing Sugar TANGO LIVE and Guangzhou MAO Held at Livehouse.
-On December 15 2019, “majiko ONE MAN LIVE” MAJIROOM” was held at LIQUIDROOM in Ebisu.
-In addition, the first one-man live “majiko ONE MAN LIVE“ MAJISPACE “in TAIPEI“ was held on December 22 2019 in Taiwan.
Grimm was the ending theme of TBS TV “CDTV” in January 2020
-She realised a new EP on 4 March 2020 called “MAJIGEN
-On November 2020 she brings out a new single “The happiest lonely person in the world” 世界一幸せなひとりぼっち
-On 2 December 2020 she will release her second full-lenght album『世界一幸せなひとりぼっち』

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