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Sury Profile and Facts

Sury Profile and Facts

Sury (or Su Ruiqi (苏芮琪)) is a soloist and member of the Chinese girl group Chic Chili and its sub-unit Chic Chili S&R under ETM Skies. She was a contestant in the survival shows Produce 101 China, Produce Camp 2020 and Girls Planet 999.

Official Fandom Name: Suxintang (酥心糖)
Official Fandom Color: HEX Red

Stage Name: Sury / Su Ruiqi (苏芮琪/수루이치)
Birth Name:
Sū Ruìqí (苏芮琪)
Birthday: August 20, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Nationality: Chinese (Hui)
Height: 164 cm (5’5″ ft)
Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Representative Emoji: 🐺
Instagram: sury_777
Weibo: 苏芮琪Sury_
Douyin: 苏芮琪777
YouTube: 苏芮琪Sury

Sury Facts:
– Her hometown is Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Nickname: Qi Mei (Beautiful Qi)
– She has trouble bending her pinky fingers
– Her ringtone is set to Makka Pakka
– She is a fan of Super Junior and WayV
– She is well known for her rapping skills
– Her MBTI is ENTP
– She uses fanart for her wallpapers
– She can speak Chinese, Korean and English along with a decent amount of Japanese
– She is friends with R1SE‘s Zhou Zhennan and GREX
– She can play the piano
– She is determined to fulfill her dream of being a successful idol
– Her lucky number is 777
– She prefers casual clothing
– Her number 1 hobby is dancing
– She loves to eat, play video games and listen to music
– She used to take traditional Chinese dance
– Her closest K-pop idol friends are KEP1ER‘s Xiaoting and Dreamcatcher‘s Handong
– She has debuted in the Chinese, Korean and Japanese market
– Her favorite hairstyles are straight and double ponytail
– She debuted as member of ChicChili on September 30, 2018
– She has trouble taking care of her hair
– Whenever she cooks, she fears she’ll burn down her kitchen
– Her favorite foods are hotpots and frogs
– She has a cat named Niangao (ricecake)
– She is currently attending a performing arts college
– She was part of ETM_OrangE in July 2017, where she was the leader, main rapper and lead dancer
– She released her first photobook “奇遇 (Happy Encounter)” on April 2019
– She doesn’t like jumpscares and escape rooms
– She was apart of China Fashion Week as model for GENIAL by Zhang Jinhao SS2020 collection in November 2019
– Her favorite seasons are Spring and Autumn

Produce 101 China Information:
– Her first evaluation ranking was C
– On Episode 2, she was ranked 78th
– Her second evaluation ranking was B
– On Episode 3, she was ranked 29th
– Her team performed Want to loudly, say I love you by BAAD for the group battle mission. Her team lost
– On Episode 4, she was ranked 28th
– Her third evaluation ranking was C
– On Episode 5, she was ranked 39th
– On Episode 6, she was ranked 29th
– Her team performed Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift in the dance section for the position evaluation mission. Her team won and she got 3rd place with 323 votes from the audience
– On Episode 7, she was ranked 29th
– Her fourth evaluation ranking was C
– On Episode 8, she was ranked 21st
– Her team performed Shiny by Zheng Nan for the concept evaluation mission. Her team was 2nd with 156 team votes. She got 4th place with 73 votes from the audience within her team
– She was eliminated on Episode 9, ranking 25th place

Produce Camp 2020 Information:
– She performed You Can’t Stop Me with Wang Yiqiao and Lin Junyi for her first stage
– On Episode 2, she ranked 13th
– On Episode 3, she ranked 12th
– Her team performed Ms Chic by Elva Hsiao for the group battle. Her team won
– On Episode 4, she ranked 12th
– On Episode 5, she ranked 11th
– Her team performed Starlight MOU in the composition section for the position battle. She herself got 60 votes from the audience
– On Episode 6, she ranked 13th
– On Episode 7, she ranked 13th
– Her team performed Right Place for the concept battle. Her team got 5th place with 26 team votes. She herself got 1st place with 105 votes from the audience
– On Episode 8, she ranked 18th
– On Episode 9, she ranked 13th
– She performed It’s a Bomb and her own song, In Chenhdu for the final battle.
– On episode 10, she was ranked 11th, leaving her eliminated from the show

Girls Planet 999 Information:
– She was introduced to the show on July 8, 2021
– She made her first appearance on the show on July 12, 2021 with O.O.O (C-Group ver.)
– Her signal song evaluation ranking was C02
– Her first cell formation was named Survival Once Again, with K-Group’s You Dayeon and J-Group’s Kishida Ririka
– She preformed Chung Ha’s Snapping for her Demo Planet Stage
– Her second cell formation was named Avengers, with K-Group’s Jeong Jiyoon and J-Group’s Ezaki Hikaru
– She preformed EXO’s The Eve for her Connect Mission
– Her individual ranking on Episode 5 was rank C02
– Her cell ranking on Episode 5 was rank 3
– She preformed Lee Sunhee’s Fate for her Combination Mission
– Her individual ranking on Episode 8 was rank C02
– She preformed Snake with Medusa team on Episode 9 as vocal 2
– On Episode 9, her ranking for her Interim results were P7 (C02)
– On Episode 11, her ranking was P10 (C03)
– During the finale of Girls Planet 999, her final ranking was P13 (C03), leaving her eliminated from the program

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