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Songs Lee Daehwi Has Produced

Songs Lee Daehwi Has Produced
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Aside from being talented a singer and dancer, AB6IX’s Lee Daehwi is also a skilled musician, part-taking in writing, composing and arranging. Below you will find a detailed list of the songs he has worked on.



  • Melting (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)


  • Blind For Love (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Salute (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Rose, Scent, Kiss (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Color Eye (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Absolute (Co-Writer)
  • Love Air (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Apricity (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Friend Zone (Co-Composer, Writer)
  • Bloom (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Breathe (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Hollywood (Co-Composer, Co-Arranger, Co-Writer)
  • Light Me Up (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Sunset (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Encore (앵콜) (ft. ABNEW) (Co-Composer, Writer)
  • Dandelion (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Vivid (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Dance For Two (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Red Up (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • A Long Winter (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Nothing Without You (Co-Composer, Writer)
  • Blind For Love (Nu Disco Mix) (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Lululala (룰루랄라) (Co-Composer, Writer)
  • Merry-Go-Round (회전목마) (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Einstein (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • A Long Winter (아직도 겨울) (Co-Composer, Writer)
  • Cherry (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Down For You (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Apricity (Co-Composer, Writer)
  • Encore (Co-Composer, Writer)
  • 1, 2, 3 (Co-Composer, Writer)
  • Sucker For Your Love (Co-Writer, Co-Composer)
  • Walking In The Rain (Co-Composer)
  • In Your Eyes (Co-Composer, Writer)

Produce 48

  • See You Again (Prod. by Daehwi) (Co-Composer, Co-Arranger, Writer)


  • Good Day (Co-Composer, Co-Arranger, Co-Writer)
  • Dawn (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Hoping That You’d Love Me (사랑해줬으면 해) (Co-Composer, Writer)

Woojin & Daehwi

  • Candle (Prod. by Daehwi) (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)

Produce X 101

  • Dream For You (Prod. by Daehwi) (Co-Composer, Writer)

As One

  • It’s Ok To Not Be Ok (애써) (ft. Daehwi) (Co-Composer, Writer)

Park Ji Hoon

  • Young 20 (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)

Kang Minhee (soloist)

  • 기억해줘요 (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)


  • Airplane (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)

Yoon Jisung

Slow (쉼표) (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
Summer Drive (ft. Jonghyeon) (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)

Wanna One

  • Sandglass (모래시계) (Writer)

Produce 101 Japan

  • One Day (Prod. by Daehwi) (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)

Hwibujak Project

  • Creep (performed by Lee Daehwi) (Prod. by Daehwi) (Co-Composer, Writer)

Non-Album Singles

  • 21 (performed by Lee Daehwi) (Prod. by Daehwi) (Co-Composer, Writer)

KBS Listen-Up

  • Hurt (00:00am) (performed by Song Hayea) (Prod. by Daehwi) (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • Airplane Mode (performed by Weeekly) (Prod. by Daehwi) (Co-Composer, Writer)
  • Monster (performed by GHOST9) (Prod. by Daehwi & DOKO) (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)
  • In The Rain (performed by DKZ) (Prod. by Daehwi) (Co-Composer)


  • #Hashtag (performed by Cho Ayoung) (Prod. by Daehwi) (Co-Composer, Co-Writer)

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