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Song Jiyang Profile, Dramas and Facts (Updated!)

Song Jiyang Profile, Dramas and Facts

Birth Name: Song Ji Yang (宋继扬)
Korean Name: Song Gye Yang (송계양)
Unofficial Former Position in TUBS: Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: January 26, 1998
Birthday(Solar Calendar): December 28th
Zodiac: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Height: 184cm (6’0″)
Weight: 62.5kgs/137lbs 
Ethnicity: Chinese
Blood Type: O
Social Media: Weibo, Instagram, Douyin
Nicknames: YangYang(by his family), Song-Jiang 

Fan Color(s): Pink
Fandom Name: 羊角包(YangJiaoBao)/Croissant 

Song JiYang Facts:
– He was born in Dandong, Liaoning, China.
Left T.U.B.S./The Untamed Boys on January 07, 2021 alongside Fanxing due to academic and career development reasons.
– Prefers to film traditional dramas over modern day dramas. (July 13, 2019 StarEnt Interview)
– Usually listens to music and watches anime after his work day is over.
– Said he prefers and finds his character Xiao Xingchen more handsome with a blindfold on. (July 13, 2019 StarEnt Interview)
– Would label his character Xiao Xingchen in The Untamed as Gege(brother) in white (July 26, 2019 Interview)
– A similarity between him and Xiao Xingchen is that they are both easily amused.
– Said he is not as good of a person as Xiao Xingchen.
– Would rate both his visuals and acting in The Untamed a 5/10.
– Amongst the cast of The Untamed said he is the closest to Haoxuan(Xue Yang) and Bowen(Song Lan), but the cast of Yi City (Jiyang, Haoxyuan, Bowen and Zhuoxuan) all have a good relationship in general.
– Shared that while filming in Gui Zhou, 2 bat’s came into his room for 2 days straight through the air conditioning and while he isn’t scared of bat’s it still scared him.
– His hobby other than raising his cat is playing games like Honor of Kings or League of Legends.
– His rank in Honor of Kings is ‘RongYaoWangZhe’ which is the highest achievable rank in the game.
– Says he can guarantee a win for his team in a game as long as no one gets themself killed deliberately.
– Said the person that left the deepest impression on him after playing with them was Haoxuan, who won against him in Honor of Kings at the end even though he was leading.
– Doesn’t have an unknown special talent since everything that he knows is known to everybody already.
– Is the most satisfied with his eyebrows in terms of his face. (July 26, 2019 Interview)
– Plays the hero ‘Luna’ in the game ‘Honor of Kings.’ (August 2, 2019 YiZhiBo Livestream)
– Often/Always chokes when drinking water.
– Said he likes the color pink the most since it’s the color his fans use to support him.
– Said he finds it quite hard to say pick-up lines.
– Has two dimples with one being barely visible.
– His Playlist is basically all The Untamed OSTs to which he listens daily.
– Doesn’t eat a lot of hotpots.
– The music genre he listens to the most/ he likes is jazz and classical music.
– Said that the coffin he had to lay in for one of the scenes for The Untamed was pretty hot inside.
– Likes shows relating to the army and war. (August 2, 2019 YiZhiBo Livestream).
– Could play “Hop” which is a game on WeChat for a whole day according to Haoxuan. (August 8, 2019 Boom Interview)
– His highest score on Hop is over 4.000.
– Would use the color orange to describe The Untamed in his heart because the color gives people a warm feeling.
– Likes to learn new things.
– Thinks it’s amusing to hang on wires and likes the feeling of it.
– According to Haoxuan, Jiyangs temper is that of  a kitten because he’s warm and cute and sometimes has “this little naughty behaviour.”  (August 8, 2019 Boom Interview)
– Often spies into the group chats that his fans made. (August 09, 2019 Interview)
– His skin type is a mix of oily and dry skin.
– A fruit he likes to eat are apples.
– When he meets someone for the first time, he is slow to warm up to them but when he gets close to them he treats them like a good friend.
– Said he was very honored to play Xiao Xingchen because of everyone’s high views of the character and also read the original work.
– Actually auditioned for the role of Xue Yang (ultimately portrayed by Wang HaoXuan) but the producers seemingly thought that he fit the role of Xiao Xingchen better.
– Said the scene that left the deepest impression on him was the scene where he killed himself.
– Wants to try out different roles like a villain or a role that’s older.
– In his opinion the 3 most important things in order to be a good actor/actress are: personality, attitude and acting skills. (August 09, 2019 Interview)
– Feels a greater sense of belonging to his hometown Dandong than to Shanghai. (September 01, 2019 Bi Dong Interview)
– Never practiced calligraphy before and said that his good handwriting was passed down to him from the older generations.
– The upper limit of how much he could support when carrying someone in bridal style is around 50kg/110lbs.
– Says his strength level depends on the situation, and that once in awhile he would be triggered to release his super strength and will become very strong.
– 3 good points of having him as a partner are “I’m fun to fool, I don’t like to get angry and I’m good at leveling up in games.”
– Wants to be the boss of a pet store and cafe.
– Has a folder of pictures on his phone that he can’t upload but still keeps for the sake of memories.
– Said that if his ideal type would taste his food they would want to die.
– Can cook but it’s not tasty.
– Cooks for the friends that he is the closest to.
– A homebody that very hardly goes out.
– Doesn’t like to buy things.
– His waist is around 60cm/23inches.
– Wants to visit Dumaguete, a city on Negros Island in the southern Philippines.
– Said the cast of The Untamed has around 4-5 group chats, with some of them being a general group chat where everyone is in, a group chat for the juniors and one for Yi City.
– Exercises every week at home through sit-ups and push-ups etc.
– Has a cat named ‘Ge’ which basically means brother.
– Uses the 9 key keyboard.
– His must have for eating hotpot is fried rice.
– Prefers rainy weather. (September 01, 2019 Bi Dong Interview)
– Was described as very shy and a very good person by friend and co-star Li Bowen. (191229 Song Jiyang Fairy Tale Town Birthday Fanmeet)
– Can’t speak in dialect, but said that occasionally words in dialect will come out, his accent however isn’t strong. (June 01, 2020 Douyin Livestream)
– Unable to use rides in amusement parks etc. that include going in rounds or loops due to extreme motion sickness to the point he can’t even go on a carousel.
– Beside motion sickness, he also has car sickness and while he is fine on short trips, he reckons he wouldn’t be able to take long ones.
– Unable to go on a plane when feeling/being ill.
– Doesn’t have a driver’s license yet but is preparing to get one.
– Does not understand korean.
– Would never do a mukbang due to the fact he finds it inelegant.
– Doesn’t care much about his idol image.
– Said he is not good at drawing and only knows how to draw basic/easy things.
– Used to be able to do splits but lost the ability to do so after not doing it for awhile.
– His mother told him that he’s more well-behaved than his little brother. (June 01, 2020 Douyin Livestream)
– Says the more he eats, the thinner he gets and that his stomach doesn’t digest well but that he never went to check what’s wrong with his stomach. (January 26, 2021 YiZhiBo Birthday Livestream)
– Feels like long hair is annoying because he would have to wash it every morning and he finds that tiring. (January 26, 2021 YiZhiBo Birthday Livestream)
– Needs every corner lit up by lamps in order to sleep. (The Untamed Boys Episode 04)
– One of his ‘habits’ is saying he can’t sing at least 3 times in livestreams even though he can indeed sing.
– Is a fairy that has come down to earth for the first time.
– Is a very good liar. (Mystery Box)
– Has been watching horror movies since he was 6. (Mystery Box)
– Only kept the script of The Untamed as a souvenir at the end since the production took the props away at the end. (Look Me Interview)
– Sees himself as a person that is very quirky, and someone who’s hard to read and understand.
– Get’s very shy when people compliment him to his face saying he is perfect etc. He then added: “Everytime when they are in front of me and compliment me non-stop, I can’t keep a straight face and I want to laugh.” (Look Me Interview)
– Roughly learned dancing over a period of 6 months here and there and in total about 2 ½ months is preparation for the performance school entrance exam. (YAS Interview)
– Has mostly black shoes with a total of around 4-5 pairs.
– Prefers calm and relaxing music and all so likes traditional Chinese music.
– Said he likes having long leg hair and that he finds it cool.
– When asked about what weight he finds heavy on a girl he
answered “You can’t put a number on it, it depends on the height.”
– Would describe his fans in 3 words as cute, attractive and kind.
As for a representative animal for the fans he chose a kitten.
– Likes potatoes, Beef and French fries.
– Hates beef.
– If he doesn’t have any work lined up, he could spend a whole week without going outside once.
– Doesn’t consider himself to be a good singer and dancer.
– The age gap that would be acceptable for him would be within 10 years.
– Doesn’t enjoy singing that much.
– Doesn’t like durian and luosifen.
– Actually has a couple of strands of silver that he has had since he was young. He thinks they come from his mom.
– His eyes are quite dry so he always carries eye drops around with him.
– He wears eye contact and recommends the South-Korean brand called Hitomi.
– Has seen a lot of video edits and photo edits including memes.
(YAS Interview)
– Has said in a recent live that he is not unhappy even though he looked like he was about to cry. (November 2022)
– Said that his sleep quality these days is not good. (November 2022)
– He took the entrance exam for the Shanghai Drama Institute and accidentally received an offer, thus why he decided to become an actor.


Song JiYang Dramas:
– The Untamed (2019), Netflix, 50 Episodes, Supporting Role, Xiao Xingchen.
– The Untamed Special Edition (2019), 20 Episodes, Supporting Role, Xiao Xingchen.
– The Birth of The Drama King (2019), iQIYI, 24 Episodes, Supporting Role, Yan Da Fu/Physician Yan.
– Confess your Love (2023), WeTv/Tencent Video, 24 Episodes, Main Role, Lu Xun/CEO
– Winner Is King, 40 Episodes, Supporting Role, Cao Niang Zi, Cao Chun Hua


Drama Appearances(with timestamps):
The Birth of The Drama King (available for free on iQIYI)
Episode 1: /
Episode 2: /
Episode 3: /
Episode 4: /
Episode 5: 27:10, 29:10, 31:30
Episode 6: 0:11, 2:55, 4:22, 8:28, 11:02, 19:17
Episode 7: 5:38, 17:00, 20:56, 22:12, 32:18
Episode 8: 0:08, 30:44
Episode 9: 19:23, 23:45, 27:52, 35:30, 40:23
Episode 10: 0:06, 8:25, 19:26, 26:27
Episode 11: 0:05, 2:42, 22:25, 31:13
Episode 12: 29:18, 33:58

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