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SKY-HI Profile & Facts

SKY-HI Profile & Facts

SKY-HI (スカイハイ), also known as Mitsuhiro Hidaka (日高光啓), is a Japanese rapper, singer/songwriter, dancer, actor, producer and CEO of the management company BMSG. He also runs an independent label, “BULLMOOSE” and is a trackmaker. He is also a part of the duo SOURCEKEY alongside SHIMI (BUZZER BEATS). He is also a member of co-ed group AAA under the label Avex Trax

Stage Name: SKY-HI
Birth Name: Mitsuhiro Hidaka (日高 光啓)
Nicknames: Hidaka (ひだか), Dacchan (だっちゃん), Shacho (社長) (meaning President)
Birthday: December 12, 1986
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Emoji: ☀️
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Blood Type: O
Website: SKY-HI
Instagram: skyhidaka
Twitter: SkyHidaka
TikTok: @sky.hidaka
Facebook: SKY-HI
Fandom Name: FLYERS

SKY-HI Facts:
-Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
-Family: His father was a pilot and before he was born, his family had lived in the United States. When they moved back to Japan, they moved in with SKY-HI’s grandmother. He also has two older sisters, one of whom is named Marie.
-In early 2001 SKY-HI joined Johnny’s (a Japanese talent agency, formed by Johnny Kitagawa) and was a Junior until about 2003.
-It was during this time that he had developed an interest in rap, after watching a RHYMESTER video.
-In March 2002, SKY-HI graduated from Waseda Jitsugyo Middle School.

-During his second year of high school, he sent his resume to Avex Entertainment to apply to work there.
-He initially wanted to work in the Artist & Repertoire department, which is in charge of discovering and developing talents, and he was also interested in the producing side of the industry, however, the company had noticed he was a rapper and had also been a Johnny’s Jr. and so decided to sign him as a talent instead.
-He was announced as a member of AAA in April 2005 and on September 14 of the same year, he made his major debut.
-In March of 2005, he then graduated from Waseda Jitsugyo High School.
-In April 2005, SKY-HI started attending the School of Social Sciences of Waseda University, but he eventually had to drop out due to his busy schedule with AAA.

-He was a back-up dancer in the music video of Suzuki Ami’s 2005 song “Eventful“.
-In 2006, he started to take part in underground rap culture.
-In November of that year, SKY-HI joined hip-hop trio Mother Ninjas under the name Geeny.
-In 2008 he started being credited as the songwriter for AAA‘s rap lyrics.
-On January 23, 2010 he starred in the movie “Sayonara Itsuka“.
-On November 14, 2010 he uploaded the song “96 Bars To Kill” to YouTube, which was a remix of “24 BARS TO KILL” from the compilation album “24 HOUR KARATE SCHOOL JAPAN” produced by SKI BEATZ.
-This was his first release under the name SKY-HI, and he continued to use that YouTube channel to upload remixes.
-The name SKY-HI, was given to him by ULTRA NANIWATIC MC’S, a 5 member hip hop group. The meaning of the name is that his possibilities are high and infinite, like the sky.
-In August 2011 he started “FLOATIN’ LAB“, a collaboration project with the hip-hop website Amebreak.
-Every month, he created songs with different rappers at various beat makers’ studios, and announced the release of the songs and their production process on YouTube and Amebreak‘s website.
-He released his first album, a collaboration album that was born from the FLOATIN’ LAB project, “SKY-HI presents FLOATIN’ LAB/V.A.” on May 30th 2012
-In preparation for the album’s release, he launched his own indie label, BULLMOOSE.
-In June of the same year, SKY-HI held his first one-man live concert titled “Release party” at Shinjuku BLAZE.
-He won the “BEST RAPPER” award at the “WOOFIN’ AWARDS 2012” by the men’s fashion magazine WOOFIN’.
-In February 2013, SKY-HI set out on his first solo one man tour SKY-HI THE 1st FLIGHT through the different Zepp houses in Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.
-At the final show, he shared that his goal was to perform at the Nippon Budokan in 2015.
-If this tour had failed, he would have retired from rapping.
-On August 7, 2013, he made his major solo debut under Avex Trax with the double A-side single “Ai Bloom/RULE”.
-On March 12, 2014, SKY-HI released his first album, TRICKSTER, and he went on tour to promote it.
-SKY-HI released his second single, “Smile Drop” on December 12th 2014.
-On January 28, 2015, he released his second indie album under BULLMOOSE caled “BULLMOOSE presents FLOATIN’ LAB II”.
-In April 2016, he had to undergo surgery to remove the vocal cord nodules.
-Because of this, SKY-HI had to take a month long break from all activities.

-On April 16, 2017, he became a PR ambassador for Adidas Originals by Italia Independent.
-In May 2017 SKY-HI finally got to perform at the Nippon Budokan.
-He released an artist book titled, “Mizu no Ue wo Aruku you ni Kantan sa SKY-HI HISTORY BOOK” on July 11th 2017.
-On July 12, SKY-HI released his own version of the nursery rhyme “Momotaro no Uta” as part of a promotional campaign with Pepsi.
-On February 22, 2018, he wrote and performed an original rap for the commercial for the MARVEL movie “Black Panther“.
-On April 3 of the same year, he voiced the role of Koguma in the commercial for “Koguma no Cake Yasan” by the manga artist Kamentsu.
-On September 26, during SKY-HI’s “SKY-HI Jikka One Man -Family Homesession-“, that took place in his parents’ home, and was streamed live on YouTube, he had revealed that he started a management company and label, named BMSG.
-During the live, SKY-HI announced that besides himself, the first artist to sign a contract with the company was rapper Novel Core.
-It was also announced on the live stream, that an audition show to create a boy group, scheduled to debut in 2021, would be held, with the applications being accepted starting from that same day.
-SKY-HI released his first digital single under the record label B-ME (a label owned by BMSG and is a joint project with Avex Entertainment), titled “Mr. Psycho” on November 18th 2020.
-During the first half of 2021, SKY-HI was mostly busy with THE FIRST (the audition show for BMSG’s first boy group).
-SKY-HI released the song “To The First” on April 28, and it was the theme song for the audition show.
-On May 5, he made an appearance on TBS’s “Noshuku PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON 2 Micchaku 150 Nichi Debut Made no Countdown“, giving comments on the PRODUCE 101 JAPAN trainees.
-On June 13, he started his joint tour SKY-HI Joint Tour 2021 Yugezanmai.
-On July 4 he started his SKY-HI Round A Ground 2020 tour that was supposed to take place in 2020.
-He performed at SUPERSONIC 2021 on September 18th 2021.
-SKY-HI performed at MTV LIVE MATCH 2021 on October 6th 2021.
-On October 10, he performed at BMSG Showcase 2021 in INNOFES, the first ever BMSG showcase.
-On October 27, SKY-HI released “Hachimenroppi”, his first album in three years.
-In December, “Hachimenroppi” was chosen as one of the top 50 best albums of 2021 by magazine MUSICA.
-SKY-HI was an online speaker at the “HR Comprehensive Conference” event for business people on December 10th 2021.
-On December 18, “To The First” won the Best Hip Hop Video Award at the MTV VMAJ 2021.
-On January 22, 2022, he was a guest on Novel Core’s “A GREAT FOOL” birthday live.
-On January 25, SKY-HI was a speaker at the Business Insider Beyond Millenials 2022 conference.
-On January 29 and 30, he performed in THE FIRST FINAL (A live graduation event for members of THE FIRST).
-SKY-HI was nominated for BEST SOLO ARTIST in the SPACE SHOWER MUSIC AWARDS 2022 on February 2nd 2022.
-Even though he did not win the BEST SOLO ARTIST award, BMSG won the BEST NEW VISION award.
-SKY-HI released his 15th digital single “JUST BREATHE feat. 3RACHA of Stray Kids” on February 21st.
-He recorded a one shot live commmercial for KIRIN BEER on February 28th.
-SKY-HI released an essay book, “Hareru Made Odorou” on April 15th.
-Also on April 15, he was a surprise guest at JFN EARTHDAY SPECIAL TO THE FUTURE From INI (the first program event from boy group INI‘s regular TOKYO FM radio show “From INI“). BMSG’s first boy group BE:FIRST was also a guest on the show
-On April 13, SKY-HI released his 16th digital single “Bare-Bare”.
-The song was used as the theme for a C COFFEE CM SKY-HI starred in.
-SKY-HI featured in the 2022 version of  THE ORAL CIGARETTES song “kantannakoto” on their EP “Bullets Into The Pipe” which was released on April 27th.
-On June 3, he was a guest at Novel Core’s 1st ONEMAN LIVE I AM THE TROUBLE“.
-His official fanclub, “FLYERS” was opened on May 20th 2022.

Other 2022 shows and performances SKY-HI performed at/is scheduled to perform at in 2022:

March 4: SKY-HI performed at JFL presents LIVE FOR THE NEXT 2022.
March 15: he performed at the SPACE SHOWER MUSIC AWARDS 2022.
April 29: he performed at FM802 REQUESTAGE 2022.
April 30: he performed at VIVA LA ROCK 2022.
May 15: he performed at LOVE SUPREME JAZZ FEST 2022.
May 21: he performed at POP YOURS.
June 5: he performed at Hibiya Music Festival 2022.
July 23: he will perform at LuckyFM Green Festival’22.
August 12: he will perform at ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2022.

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