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Poll: Who Sang It Better? (Mona Lisa)

Who Sang It Better (Mona Lisa)

Note : If I am missing any interpretation, let me know

Mona Lisa:
Included in Cho Yong-pil’s 10th album. The lyrics were written by Park Geon-ho and composed by Cho Yong-pil.
It is the most famous song in Cho Yong-pil’s 10th album along with’Seoul Seoul Seoul.

Cho Yong-pil – Mona Lisa
Jung Soo-Ra – Mona Lisa
Jang Hye-Jin – Mona Lisa
Guckkasten(Ha Hyun Woo) – Mona Lisa
Kim Bada & Seo Moontak – Mona Lisa
Kim TaeWon & NoMinWoo(The Midnight Romance) – Mona Lisa
SuHyun(Akmu) – Mona Lisa

Made by Lucas k-Rocker

Who Sang It Better ? (Mona Lisa)

What was the best interpretation of the Mona Lisa song? Do not forget to vote.You are free to comment what you think of each interpretation

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