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Roshin (JWiiver) Profile

Roshin (JWiiver) Profile and Facts

Roshin (로신) is a member of JWiiver under Starweave Entertainment.

Stage Name: Roshin (로신)
Birth Name: Bae Sijun (배시준)
Birthday: April 13, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: sijun_0413
TikTok: sijun_0413

Roshin Facts:
– He’s from Daegu, South Korea.
– His main specialty is vocals.
– Education: Hanlim Multi Art School.
His motto: “To make our held hands warm, our likeminded hearts must be warm”.
– He was a contestant of World Klass, but didn’t make it to the final line up.
-He eats an apple a day.
-Him and Raots are the most old fashioned members.
– He in charge of being the group’s “happy energy”.
– He loves using the cat set emojis.
– He’s a romantic.
– He likes romance movies
– He was a trainee under n.CH Entertainment. He presumably left after being eliminated from World Klass.
– He also trained in musical acting.
– He can play the piano and the guitar.
– He was officially revealed on August 31, 2020.
-He transferred high schools 3 times to become a trainee.
– He is one of the members from the original pre-debut line-up.
-His motto is ‘In order to be comfortable with each other, the mind of the Guajoo house must be blue.’
-His nickname is 배시시.
-His hobby is finding a good healthy bakery.
-His specialty is piano and music.
-His TMI is that he is using a cup given to him by a fan.
-He likes red bean paste and sweet pumpkin.
-His dislikes sauces that are too salty or too sweet.
-He relieves stress by eating his favorite foods.
-His role model is IU.
-He has the best chemistry with Gabin and Rihan.
-He wants to try acting and being in a musical.
-His happiest moment was meeting fans after debuting.
-His favorite song is Bad by Christopher.
-He would take Rihan with him to a deserted island because he is good at climbing trees.
-His one line diary is ‘I’m having a happy day today!’
-His message to fans is ‘I miss you and I am always worried about how I can deliver my heart. Have a great day. I love you all.’
-As of October 1, 2023, he stated on his Instagram that he is currently serving his enlistment but it is unclear when he started, when he will end and what unit and branch he is in.
– Prologue Film: Reveal the members | Roshin

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