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Rihan (JWiiver) Profile

Rihan (JWiiver) Profile and Facts

Rihan (리한) is a member of JWiiver under Starweave Entertainment.

Stage Name: Rihan (리한)
Birth Name: Choi Yeonsik (최연식)
Birthday: May 22, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japanese – Korean
Instagram: nao_yeonsik

Rihan Facts:
– He was born in Japan.
– He can speak Japanese and Korean.
-Him and Jukang are tied as the most self loving members.
-He is the second member who is the most worthy of respect.
Roshin hopes that Rihan doesn’t doubt himself because he is doing a great job and he doesn’t want Rihan to worry.
-One time when GabinK was feeling down, Rihan skipped his meal to go and talk to GabinK about what was going on.
-GabinK thinks that Rihan is a cool and dependable leader. -When Rihan saw that Shita was struggling due to being in a different country, Rihan comforted him and cheered him up. – He describes himself as a cool and funny person.- He was officially revealed as a member on August 29, 2020.
– He originally used his given name (Yeonsik) during pre-debut stage, but switched to the current stage name shortly before debut.
– He’s one of the members from the original pre-debut line-up.
– He attended Dreamvocal & Dance Academy.
– Prologue Film: Reveal the members | Rihan
– He’s in charge of choreography.
– He choreographed their debut song, JTrap.
-His father might be Japanese as he talks to his father on the phone in Japanese.
-He dropped out of university to become an idol.
-His father didn’t understand why he drop out of university, at first but now that he debuted, he thinks he did well quitting.
– He is one of the three members who didn’t take part in any survival show.
-His nicknames are Bongboongie and practice leader.
-His hobby is making clothes.
-His special abilities are dancing, swivel sticks and breathing.
-His TMI is that he bought pretty clothes while shopping on the internet.
-There isn’t any food he dislikes but he doesn’t like it when it gets stuck in his teeth.
-He relieves stress by dancing.
-His mom is the scariest thing to him.
-He is interested in Street Man Fighter and finding a healing place.
-He has a special connection with all of the members.
-He is the best at driving and dance.
-He wants to try learning English and going jet skiing.
-The happiest moment of his life was when he was born, when he gets visits from his dad and when he debuted on stage with the members.
-His favorite song is Under the Influence by Chris Brown.
-He would take Roshin with him to a deserted island because he thinks it would be funny.
-His one line diary is ‘Today, I am practicing hard and creating choreography, but i’m still a kid.’
-His message to fans is ‘You know you have to be happy right? If you are happy, JWiiver is happy. Let’s be together forever!’

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