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RESCENE “Re:Scene” Album Info

“Re:Scene” Album Info

Re:Scene is the debut and first single album by RESCENE, released on March 26th, 2024. The album features two tracks, with “UhUh” serving as the title track.

Album Intro:
The pre-release track ‘YoYo’ is a dreamy and surreal pop dance song that invites the audience to be drawn into RESCENE’s floral scent at the border between dreams and reality. With its sensual melody and rich harmonies, it creates a mysterious atmosphere through RESCENE’s vocals. However, RESCENE’s ‘flower’ is not limited to a delicate image. In the title track ‘UhUh,’ they present a powerful and fragrant performance with a confident and captivating ‘Burning Flower’ concept. The refreshing brass and intense bass sound emphasize RESCENE’s unique charm.

선공개 곡 ‘YoYo’는 꿈과 현실의 경계에서 RESCENE(리센느)의 꽃내음에 이끌린 대중을 초대하는 몽환적이고 초현실적인 팝 댄스 곡이다. 감각적인 멜로디와 풍부한 하모니가 특징이며, RESCENE(리센느)의 보컬을 통해 더욱 신비로운 분위기를 선사한다. 하지만 RESCENE(리센느)의 ‘꽃’은 단지 여린 이미지에 그치지 않는다. 타이틀곡 ‘UhUh’에서는 당당하고 매혹적인 ‘Burning Flower’ 컨셉을 통해 강렬하고 향기로운 퍼포먼스를 선보인다. 시원한 브라스와 강렬한 베이스 사운드는 RESCENE(리센느)만의 독특한 매력을 강조한다.

Release Date: March 26, 2024, 6PM KST
Length: 6 minutes, 53 seconds
Genre: Pop, Dance, Electropop, R&B
Type: Single Album
Label: THE MUZE Entertainment
Writers: 서정아, The Muze, Val Del Prete, Paulina “PAU” Cerilla, Josefin Glenmark
Composers: 서자은, Val Del Prete, Moon Kim, Paulina “PAU” Cerilla, Josefin Glenmark, Daniel Roughley, Tim Tan, JAR (153/Joombas), The Muze
Arrangers: 서자은, Daniel Roughley, Tim Tan, The Muze

Track List:
1. YoYo
2. UhUh

YoYo (MV Teaser)
YoYo (Official MV)
UhUh (MV Teaser #1)
UhUh (MV Teaser #2)
UhUh (Official MV)

Made by: Amaryllis

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