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Cherry Swirl (Girls Planet 999) Members Profile

Cherry Swirl (Girls Planet 999) Members Profile

Cherry Swirl (체리 소용돌이) is a temporary group formed for Girls Planet 999’s Combination Mission. The group consists of 9 members: Chen Hsin Wei, Fujimoto Ayaka, Kishida Ririka, Wu Tammy, Kim Da Yeon, Hsu Nien Tzu, Ikema Ruan, Huening Bahiyyih and Guinn Myah. They performed “Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK, however, they lost to the other team who performed the song “Salute” by Little Mix.

Cherry Swirl Members:
Kim Da Yeon

Birth Name: Kim Da Yeon (김다연)
Birthday: March 2, 2003
Nationality: Korean
Position: Leader, Rapper, Center
Company: Jellyfish Entertainment

Chen Hsin Wei

Birth Name: Chen Hsin Wei (천신웨이)
Birthday: January 19, 2001
Nationality: Taiwanese
Position: Vocalist
Company: YueHua Entertainment
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Fujimoto Ayaka

Birth Name: Fujimoto Ayaka (후지모토 아야카)
Birthday: August 31, 2001
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Vocalist
Company: NiD Academy / Narrow

Kishida Ririka

Birth Name: Kishida Ririka (키시다 리리카)
Birthday: July 2, 2002
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Vocalist, Visual
Company: FC ENM

Wu Tammy

Birth Name: Wu Tammy (우 타미)
Birthday: September 2, 2002
Nationality: Chinese American
Position: Rapper
Company: Individual
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Hsu Nien Tzu

Birth Name: Hsu Nien Tzu (쉬니엔츠)
Birthday: June 2, 2003
Nationality: Taiwanese
Position: Rapper
Company: FNC Entertainment

Ikema Ruan

Birth Name: Ikema Ruan (이케마 루안)
Birthday: March 16, 2004
Nationality: Okinawan
Position: Rapper
Company: Cat’s Eye Okinawa
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Huening Bahiyyih

Birth Name: Bahiyyih Jaleh Huening (휴닝바히에)
Birthday: July 27, 2004
Nationality: Korean German American
Position: Vocalist
Company: Individual
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Guinn Myah

Birth Name: Guinn Myah (귄마야)
Birthday: June 19, 2006
Nationality: Korean American
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Company: TOP Media
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Who Is Your Cherry Swirl Bias?

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