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Ponsash Profile and Facts

Ponsash Profile and Facts

Ponsash is a Sakha singer and producer. He debuted in August 2007 with the single “Таптыыбын” (“I Love”).

Ponsash SNS:
Instagram: @ponsashofficial
YouTube: Александр Пономарёв (abandoned)

Stage Name: Ponsash (Понсаш)
Birth Name: Aleksandr Dmitriyevich Ponomaryov (Александр Дмитриевич Пономарёв)
Birthday: March 13, 1987
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Height: —
MBTI Type: I—

Ponsash Facts:
– He was born in Churapcha village, Churapchinski district, Yakut ASSR, RSFSR, USSR.
– He was raised in Chyappara village in the same district.
– Graduated from Yakutsk State University, Institute of Mathematics and Information Science, Department of Programming in Economics.
– He has his own family with three children.
– He began singing since childhood, his first performance was in third grade at school and from that moment on he produced songs.
– His grandparents were main caretakers of him.
– His grandfather played accordion, future Ponsash followed him in music path.
– He was very afraid of scene at first, nevertheless his first performance in the kindergarten was dancing a sailor dance.
– He was part of piano class in music school, and externally finished it.
– At school he was part of boys choir in the third grade, with them he participated in many competitions.
– He loves playing synthesizer since childhood, he played it at his school friend.
– He was part of comedic team at school.
– He made many of his songs in his dormitory room during college years.
– He was part of Hallaan young singers association.
– He participated in several regional singing competitions.
– He had his college education only to learn computers.
– During college education he formed Our Men rap crew with his college mate. It evolved into Beie Jono after Fiesta joined him.
– In Our Men crew he released a song named “Эн бардын” in 2004.
– Since 2006 he began touring across Sakha Republic with his singer friend Rustam Hong.
– In 2007 he participated in Sanga Yrya singing contest with Rustam Hong, which is considered as Ponsash’s debut.
– He met Fiesta right on the road to Sanga Yrya contest.
– He recorded his debut song in Rustam’s home studio.
– In 2007 he became part of Anton Studio (now Dobun Studio), where he met a lot of young singers, including his best friend Fiesta.
– He has his own sound studio launched in 2014.
– He released his first studio album “Эн баар буоланнын” (“Because You’re With Me”) in 2014.
– He threw his first solo concert in November 29, 2015.
– As for now, he had 3 solo concerts.
– How he makes melodies: he takes Rustam Hong’s poem book (which he names as “destiny book”), looks up a random lyric, and tries to sing it.
– He has the most featurings among Sakha singers.
– He is experienced in movie sound engineering.
– His stage name is formed from the first three letters of his surname and Sasha, a diminutive name from Aleksandr.
– At that moment he imitated his friend in creating an email domain at an IT lesson.
– His favorite school subjects were IT, Mathematics, Geography and all others.
– He likes all of his songs.
– He was supposed to have the stage name Juluskhan.
– He says he is still bad at writing lyrics.
– His ideal type is a good-looking woman with good cooking skills.

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